Sony's PS4 racing game Driveclub loses its director

Game director Col Rodgers has left Evolution Studios to form an indie startup.

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PlayStation 4-exclusive racing game Driveclub will move forward without its game director. Col Rodgers confirmed to Videogamer that he left Evolution Studios and the Sony family entirely in February to form an indie startup called Big Red Switch Games.

Rodgers said his exit from Evolution Studios was not tied to the recent wave of layoffs that affected the company, but was rather an entirely personal decision. He says he remains on good terms with Sony and that Driveclub's development is unaffected by his departure.

Driveclub was originally intended as a PS4 launch title, though Sony would later delay the game to a release in spring 2014. Earlier this month, Sony said the game had gone "back to the drawing board."

Sony president of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida told GameSpot at GDC last week that Evolution Studios had experimented with Project Morpheus support for Driveclub. However, the studio couldn't get it right and Yoshida made clear that the company's experimentation with a virtual reality mode is not why the game was delayed.

Rodgers is not the only high-ranking PS4 developer to leave Sony recently. Earlier this month, Infamous: Second Son lead designer Jaime Griesemer quit Sucker Punch Productions.

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