Sony's 10-game EU Vita indie bundle includes Hotline Miami, Velocity, and Limbo

European bundle includes 10 Vita games and a 4GB memory card for €24.99.

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Sony, which absolutely will not turn down a chance to say how much it loves indie games, has announced a 10-game PS Vita bundle for Europe.

The PS Vita Indie Mega Pack, as it's known officially, features a 4GB memory card and download codes for the 10 games, and will be released in February for a retail price of €24.99, which is roughly £20.50/$33.80.

Sony will also bundle the pack together with a Vita for an RRP of €199.99.

Highlights of the pack are undeniably Hotline Miami, Velocity Ultra, and Limbo, I'd say, and if you're yet to play any of those titles, then this might be a very reasonably priced way to do so.

This morning Sony also announced a UK date and price for its new Vita Slim redesign.

The contents of PS Vita Indie Mega Pack in full:

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