Sony rules out always-online for PS4 - Report

PlayStation 4 to avoid always-connected approach because "many countries don’t have robust Internet connections."


Sony has ruled out making always-online functionality a core part of its next home console, according to an interview in the latest issue of Game Informer magazine.

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Sony president of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, said that a constant Internet connection would not be required from users, given the differences in web services available across the globe.

“Did we consider it? No, we didn’t consider it," said Yoshida. "The main reason being that many countries don’t have robust Internet connections. It makes sense for people to have Internet connections to play online games, but for offline games there are many countries that we saw [that] do not really have robust Internet.”

Microsoft is believed to be preparing to lift the veil on its own next-generation hardware offering on May 21. Months of rumour and speculation originally suggested that the next Xbox may require users to be connected to the internet at all times. However, a recently-uncovered, leaked internal memo reportedly sent to the Xbox development team suggests that the company’s next device will not require users to be online to watch live TV, view movies, or play single-player games.

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Avatar image for monkeyman_440

Never understood why you would need an always on connection to play OFFLINE games in the first place. You buy a game, used or otherwise, why the hell would we need to be on the internet at all to play them OFFLINE?

Avatar image for Ayzed

I hope you don't have to re connect every 24 hours then like you will with the xbone

Avatar image for Superw33d

hope this holds true.....ps4 is lookin like a better console to opt for as of now

Avatar image for Erroneous_Snake

Really sick of all the butthurt fanboys. Oh sony is just wording their true motive carefully? Sounds like nothing more than sour grapes from the people that have absolutely nothing to justify microsofts idiotic idea. Honestly, I wasn't impressed, but I still thought it was alright until all the crap about the authentication checks and the sloppy explanation of how used games will be handled. It's all just an unnecessary complication that doesn't benefit the gamer at all, I'm glad killing the used game market was more important to microsoft than delivering a convenient gaming experience.

Avatar image for pete420630

how can you people choose a console on a teaser show really people if microsoft announces illumiroom half the people talkin shit would poop themself too early to choose o wait i dont have to i work ill buy em both

Avatar image for RussellGorall


Oh, wait... yeah!

Everything gaming news for the past week has been terrible, I am used to booing.

Avatar image for CaveManCobb

@Drunkvampiresex They did yes. It only has to be connected once every 24 hours. I'm betting ps4 has something similar. Just because you don't need a constant internet connection doesn't mean you won't have to connect at some point.

Avatar image for RussellGorall

@CaveManCobb @Drunkvampiresex CaveMan, you should just enjoy the games from the Xbox One announcement. I know I found the whole thing amusing.

Avatar image for TibLion

@RussellGorall @CaveManCobb @Drunkvampiresex What games?

Avatar image for CaveManCobb

Xbox One doesn't require a constant internet connection either. Sony is wording everything they say very carefully because everyone is throwing a fit right now.

Avatar image for Zeeksie

@CaveManCobb It still requires a "check in" every 24 hours, same shit in my book.

Avatar image for CaveManCobb

@Zeeksie Like I said they are wording everything very carefully so Sony fanboys don't cry.

Avatar image for CaveManCobb

@TibLion @CaveManCobb @RussellGorall @Zeeksie Didn't like either of them. I rarely like the reveals at all.

Avatar image for TibLion

@CaveManCobb @RussellGorall @Zeeksie You're saying that as if the XBOX reveal was better than the PS reveal.

Avatar image for CaveManCobb

@RussellGorall @CaveManCobb @Zeeksie Never said they were crying. They have announced next to nothing about the system and are keeping tight lipped about shit like this. Other than to release carefully worded statements about always online and used games issues. I'm not crying because I'm not an idiot.

Avatar image for RussellGorall

@CaveManCobb @Zeeksie No Sony fanboys are crying, I imagine they feel pretty great right now.

How about you?

Avatar image for WingChopMasta

Ok so if Sony realized and stated that they "SAW" that a lot of countries still do not have good enough internet access to make an always online console. WTF was MS looking at then? I guess they got their Zune and Internet Explorer team working out the logistics this time around huh?

Avatar image for nitchz

@WingChopMasta Microsoft doesn't care about the rest of the world. Microsoft cares about the U.S. market. Not having an internet connection here really isn't too much of an issue for most people who can afford the console.

Avatar image for adders99

this and many other reasons is why I will more than likely getting a PS4 and not a Xbox One....

Avatar image for Dororo22

Great news, but either way im buying both consoles, I always make sure to buy all consoles so I don't miss out on great exclusives. I haven't bought a Wii-U yet though, I'll get one once a great exclusive game actually comes out for it...

Avatar image for Albaficas

Greatness Awaits


Avatar image for SniperFire17

@Albaficas Terrible hackable online service, even worse dashboard and a laggy buggy next gen Elder Scrolls game awaits.

Avatar image for TibLion

@SniperFire17 @Albaficas Says the guy who has to pay to play online, has a Windows 8-based dashboard on his console and less powerful hardware. Let's not forget the lack of exclusives.

Avatar image for RussellGorall

@SniperFire17 @Albaficas Happy gaming, Sniper!

Avatar image for Yulaw2000

Good news.

Avatar image for kungfuj0

$299 (or less) is preferable. $399 is as high as I will go, and that is pushing it. Any higher than that, and I'll just play what I have on 360 and pc (and maybe get a ps3 for cheap) until the price drops kick in.

I am no longer the guy who just HAS TO HAVE the latest of the latest. That is a fool's game these days with the way things are going.

Avatar image for TibLion

@kungfuj0 Sorry to destroy your dreams, but a game seller in my country has listed the Xbox One at 1999,90 RON which means around 500 US$.

Avatar image for predator4965

Even if Microsoft finally gave in and made it not always online, I'd still rather have a Playstation 4 because whenever all those bad rumors came up about the upcoming Xbox, Microsoft did absolutely nothing to stop its fans from getting upset; be it from denying the rumors or giving them an explanation why they wanted to take that approach and to me that is just downright lousy management. Not to mention all the bad experiences I had with overheating xbox's and its horrible games (lately anyway).

Avatar image for dman123_1

@predator4965 But MS always does that with EVERY rumor. It is nothing new. They simply don't respond to rumors until they are ready to.I don't think that it is lousy management, they shouldn't have to blabber about every rumor that is out there the moment it comes out. They have a reveal and simply the questions will hopefully be answered then. Sony didn't answer it until their reveal, why must MS be punish because they are doing the same? We forget this always online requirement has been going on for over a year and the same people who are saying "i'm getting the PS4" were saying they will stop playing videos games altogether..

Avatar image for gamerboy100

(sigh) When are people going to learn the difference between always-on and always-online?

Avatar image for 100proofsoco

@gamerboy100 I cant be the only one that has no idea what your talking about. .

I have never heard of "always on" online yes, "on" no.

on what? seriously....

Avatar image for gamerboy100


I wasn't necessarily talking about here, but I see both being used as synonyms almost everywhere. The difference is that "always-on" means the system never shuts off, while "always-online" means that an Internet connection is required. Sorry, it just drives me nuts.

Avatar image for deactivated-58270bc086e0d

One day a console or other platform will demand always online, but it won't be this gen and I seriously doubt it will be next gen and possibly it will even skip the gen after that.

I've always had a decent internet connection. While it isn't lighting fast it has been stable to the point where it hasn't died for probably more than 24h in the last three/four years. I always presumed that this was standard in developed countries. It seems I was wrong. Until the majority of people have stable internet, it won't be made compulsory.

Sony and Microsoft aren't stupid, even suggesting they would do something which is almost guaranteed to see them dead in the water by about December 2013, is laughable.

I think it is time we get back to the good stuff, the next gen consoles are coming out! They have 8 core processors! And the games we have had the pleasure of seeing glimpses of look sweet. Lots of potential for some really fun games. That is all that really matters.

Avatar image for Hey_Jay

They are just really coming off strong after Microsoft's PR disaster. No one looks as good as Sony does, right now.

Avatar image for JayQproductions

@Hey_Jay Until people learn they are just wording their statements carefully. Just like when they said the PS4 won't block used games, it's true the console itself won't block used games but Sony is leaving that up to the publishers so if a publisher wants to block a used copy of their game on the PS4 they will. Just like there will be "always online" games on the PS4 but the PS4 itself won't require an internet connection which is more than likely the same thing the next Xbox will do.

Avatar image for RussellGorall

@JayQproductions I think you just confused yourself.

Avatar image for D1nePenn

@RussellGorall @JayQproductions What Jay said is precisely correct though. Sony is simply being smart by "leaving" it up to the publishers. Microsoft and Sony will collude in order to assist developers in making more money which allows developers to stay in business and in turn make them more money. Sony has just been smarter about their public statements.

Avatar image for surferosh

@JayQproductions yeah but that is the publisher's prerogative.. let us not bash the console manufacturer for that.. be it sony, MS or Nintendo..

Avatar image for Redblaze27

This was day-one announcement news.

Avatar image for pmamba45

Shuhei Yoshida, We salute you! MS, build the product based on consumer practicality not pacing the consumer to your targets goals..

Avatar image for C_A_G_E

@pmamba45 why the praise? For talking about a system they have already revealed. MS has not issued any comments officially because they have not had an official reveal.

Avatar image for pmamba45

@C_A_G_E @pmamba45 Adam Orth resigned with no reveal yet I would've thought highlights a companies undiplomatic approach.

Avatar image for Blade_Runner22

To requiere or not to requiere...

Avatar image for Restivus

@Blade_Runner22 … will determine to acquire, or not to acquire.

Avatar image for 100proofsoco

+1 Sony

Avatar image for anomaly3001

I found an article Ars Technica that says the new xbox won't require a internet connection...No sure why Gamespot hasn't reported it tho...

Avatar image for tmrtyn

@anomaly3001 They did, a couple of days ago...sorry I can't be bothered looking for a link to the article, but I definitely read it here.

Avatar image for Hellhound30x

I love SONY!