Sony reveals PS3 to PS4 upgrade program

Gamers who buy PS3 titles will be able to purchase digital copy of PS4 version for a "significantly discounted" price.


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Sony announced a new PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 upgrade program during its Gamescom media briefing today.

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As part of the promotion, gamers who buy Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, or Watch Dogs on PS3 can purchase a digital version for PS4 at a "significantly discounted price" when it launches.

Electronic Arts, Activision, Ubisoft, and Warner Bros. are all participating in the program. The promotion will be available for a limited time, Sony said, and it is not clear if the program will be offered worldwide.

Retailers Amazon and GameStop have launched similar promotions where gamers can trade up to the next-generation version for $10.

The PS4 launches November 15 in North America and November 29 in Europe. The next-generation console will be available in 32 countries in all by the end of the year.

The Xbox One releases in November for $500. A specific launch date has not been announced.

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Avatar image for smackybear

To the people who are confused by the idea of paying $10 for a next gen version of a game they already own: Why are you even buying a PS4 if you don't understand the difference? The PS3 and PS4 systems will feel the same to you if that's the case.

Avatar image for ksajosh

If I get GTA5 for PS3 and get it for PS4 when is comes out, will my saved data transfer over to the PS4 from the PS3 so I will not have to start over?

Answers please.

Avatar image for h3rb


1. GTA5 hasn't been announced for PS4.

2. Assassin's Creed IV saved data WILL NOT transfer over, so chances are, the data is incompatible.

Avatar image for ShadowNic94

So if you are me and you have pre-ordered Assassin's Creed 4 Deluxe Edition over Playstation Store, would I still be able to upgrade to the PS4 version as it is a digital copy and not a physical copy or not? I am currently on the fence on pre-ordering it.

Avatar image for NachoXtreme

why ps4 and xbox one are similar aspect :S?

Avatar image for Aprumi

I wish Sony would actually come out and give more details about this so I know wtf to do when BF4 comes out.

Avatar image for Crazyglues


Here is how it works....

1. You buy BF4 for PS3 and when PS4 comes out..

2. You place your PS3 BF4 disc into the PS4 and...

3. You will be able to purchase the BF4 PS4 digital version from the PSN store for 9.99..

and your done... enjoy

Avatar image for Aprumi

@Crazyglues @Aprumi

You have a link to some sort of official post to back this up?

Avatar image for Aprumi

@Crazyglues @Aprumi

Yeah saw this a couple days ago. Hopefully Amazon will have the "specially marker" copies.

Avatar image for Crazyglues

@Aprumi @Crazyglues

here are the full details on how it works... -

Avatar image for Aprumi


This doesn't answer my question. I know Sony came out and said they were going to do some sort of cheap upgrade but they haven't come out and given details about it as far as I know. I am looking for actual information about how to get the cheap upgrade. Do I have to purchase a digital copy through PSStore? Can I buy a physical copy and somehow upgrade when I get my PS4 without having to return the physical disc to the seller? These are the details that have not been discussed.

Avatar image for Crazyglues


LoL... yes as a matter of fact I do...

It's all over the net, Google is your best friend.. they talked all about it at GAMESCOM

Avatar image for Frendmee

so it's saying u can upgrade PS3 to PS4 for just $10?

Avatar image for WARRZONE


Avatar image for Frendmee

What about Ps3 to PS4???

Avatar image for WARRZONE

There are lots of services you can use to sell your old PS3. You can sell your old PS3 to them, and use the money to buy a new PS4. Some of the services include Gamestop,, and, etc. Don't expect much, but it's better than nothing.

Avatar image for kingotnw

Madden is on the Xbox list and not on this one. I would assume it will be available for PS4 as well. Personally, I'll probably just wait and get the games I want just on the PS4 and save myself $20-$40, but it's a cool program for people who don't want to wait.

Avatar image for neilrieck

This is a very smart move. Use your PS3 media to unlock a PS4 download version of the same title. It will also ensure that PS3 game sales aren't hurt between now and November. (as an aside, some of the Asian manufacturing sites in China and Taiwan claim that Sony will continue to develop and manufacture PS3 platforms for a few years to come but I do not think they will be sold in Europe or the Americas).

Avatar image for Devil_wings00

Damn as someone who owns a PC this kind of grown inducing. Essentially you are paying to have your games graphics settings ticked up for money. I know new console etc. but still it just feels like that to me.

Avatar image for kingotnw

@Devil_wings00 Why? It's a choice, nothing more. I personally am a PC/PS3/WiiU/Vita/3DS gamer. I like all the systems. I'll be getting the PS4 on release date. I'll just wait and buy my games on the PS4 most likely, but if people want this option it is a good one. Prior to now, the only option for console gamers to do this was to buy full retail releases twice at $60 each. It's actually a great deal for people playing Madden, since you get to pay $10 to rent the game for 3 months until the PS4 version is released.

Avatar image for Drcaul

Good to know, thanks

Avatar image for Kiroelz

Sony obviously want more money and Microsoft obviously wants to beat Sony by releasing the Xbox One before Sony. In either cases, these 2 companies want MONEY!! For any Sony/PlayStation fan here - such as myself - the smart thing to do is to be patient and then get your PS4 games after they've released or pre-order them. If you're an Xbox fan, get your console when it comes out but you may still have to wait for games. Patience is key.

Avatar image for dbene

If someone is getting a PS4, why not just wait and get it for both systems?

One thing I hate about system launches is all the "dual releases" of games.

Avatar image for Jimbowesker

Sony knows what they are doing. I think its a smart, innovative move.

Avatar image for GenDNA

every one of you is saying they are greedy but imagine that i have ps3 and you have ps4 ok? and you only have 40 bucks to buy watch dogs, Me i have 50 bucks to buy it for ps3, so they give me discount to this one on ps4 for 30 bucks, I rush to you and tell you: OMG dude they gave me discount for watch dogs on the ps4 for only 30. Thats mean you can help your friends who are low on money want these games for ps4 on low price, So please everyone use brain for once in your life and stop making sony is the evil one.

Avatar image for Ja-nem-ba

@GenDNA I agree wholeheartedly. There's an easy way to turn this seemingly "money-grab" by Sony into an advantage that makes everyone - Sony included - happy.

Avatar image for GenDNA

@Ja-nem-ba @GenDNA Thank you and finally some agree with me.

Avatar image for johnr283

If you can't wait and don't want to trade up to a digital copy, use Gamefly. You can rent the the PS3 version than just buy the PS4 version at a later date. You won't get a Gamefly game until a few days after its release, but a few days is not that bad.

Avatar image for AzoroFox-

@Microsteve How is this greed ? They are offering you a discount!

Avatar image for burn_oren

@Microsteve its android not ios

Avatar image for Derugs

Clever ~

Avatar image for edinko

YOu don't have to be a genius to see that they just want people to buy the same game twice. Even if the second copy is cheaper. Doesn't matter. ITs a cheap trick but unfortunately people are dumb enough in many cases.

Normally you would buy the game just for your old or for your new console. They are pushing people for this extra money they wouldnt get otherwise.

Avatar image for analgrin

Nice but then I've always thought games bought from the store should be cheaper anyway. They don't pay for packaging/manual/discs etc I can't see why games on the store are the same price or often more than hard copies

Avatar image for jeffyjasta

@analgrin I recently got my copy of Bioshock Infinite for around £17 (summer deal+PS Plus discount) on the PS Store. It's back to £49.99 though! It's great coz I can install it in 5 different consoles. I have my ps network account set up in some of my close friends playstation so it's quite cool that you don't have to carry the discs around and also no one will be able to steal it from me ;)

Avatar image for botsio

nice bargain is getting beat up yet again.their marketing strategies are flawed.they fail yet again to convince u why u must purchase their understands gamers more than microsoft.

Avatar image for accesdenied


oh no no no, thats blasphamy! you know how these companies love dlc. free dlc, unless is a patch or fix a **** up. other than that $5-20 for a new polygon the added to the screen.

Avatar image for Blueresident87

How is this in any way an appealing option? You still pay twice to play the exact same game. Exercise some patience and just wait for the next gen version

Avatar image for istuffedsunny

What about all the PS3 games that don't have a PS4 version but will be streamable? Somehow I doubt anyone's getting a discount there, even though I'm sure the PS4 can recognize the old Blurays.

Avatar image for wicked_laugh

I'm buying the PS3 games, downloading the PS4 version then returning the games for a refund! Did I just get paid (or break even) to buy a game?!? Gamer cheapskate culture at its BEST!

Avatar image for Derugs

@wicked_laugh Lol I like that one :) Thats a plan and I'm joining the movement... lol

Avatar image for GodMan7

@wicked_laugh Wow not even out yet and there's already a loophole XD

But keep it down otherwise they might hear and fix this

Avatar image for wolf503

I thought for a second, 'not good enough Sony' but then I thought 'this could be advantageous' if there is a loop hole. EB Games allow a 7 day return for EB world members, either returning the game for full money back or credit. In theory, you could buy the PS3 game full price, do the PS4 thing and return the PS3 copy within 7days, so you're getting the Ps4 version cheaper either way. If that works it will be worth it. But either way the "significantly discounted" price needs to be at least 60-70%, considering it's going from physical to digital.

Avatar image for Microsteve

@wolf503 you can't return the game once you have broken the seal on the box

Avatar image for wolf503

@Microsteve @wolf503 Really?! I wonder why the manager at EB let me return The Last Of Us the other week then. Only reason I bought it at $100 was because I was allowed to return it within 7 days.

Avatar image for acelogan1989


Avatar image for pound-u

So, in other words, you will be paying more for the same damn game. Yet people act like this is some awesome deal. Pathetic.

Avatar image for nate1222

Amazon's $10 trade-in deal doesn't sound bad.

With digital, the excuses for no backward compatibility are pretty much removed. PC gamers have been enjoying such digital options for years now. Console gamers are finally able to reap similar benefits.