Sony reveals Euro PS3 game prices

PlayStation 3 titles to be 59.99 euros in Europe, £39.99 in UK.


Sony has announced the recommended retail pricing for its first-party PS3 titles. The console is due to launch across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Oceania on March 23.

The games will clock in at £39.99 (approximately $78) in the UK, making them cheaper than Xbox 360 games (which retail at around £49.99) and the same price as Wii titles. In Australia, the games will be AU$99.95, and in New Zealand they will be NZ$109.95.

Sony has five first-party titles for the European launch: MotorStorm, Resistance: Fall of Man, Ridge Racer 7, Genji: Days of the Blade, and Formula One Championship Edition.

The company also announced the pricing for games downloadable on the PlayStation Network--including Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, flOw, BlastFactor, and Super Rub-A-Dub--these will cost between 2.99 and 9.99 euros (approx £2 to £8).

Other first-party content can also be bought over the Network, with prices starting at 0.99 euros (70p). This "could range from a new SingStar track to a premium pack for MotorStorm, which would include a new track, additional vehicles, liveries, and multiplayer modes."

Commenting on the launch, SCEE CEO David Reeves said, "With over 30 first- and third-party disc and network games available at launch, we are confident that this will be one of the most successful launches of all time."

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