Sony renames Wanda and the Colossus

'Wanda and' becomes 'Shadow of'; new moniker exemplifies darker, action-oriented subject matter.


In its pre-E3 showcase, Sony unveiled several of the games that will be shown at this year's gaming convention in Los Angeles. In addition to top-tier titles such as Genji: Dawn of the Samurai, Jak X: Combat Racing, and Ratchet: Deadlocked, Sony showcased another PlayStation 2 game scheduled for release later this year: Shadow of the Colossus.

The name may sound familiar to some--the game was previously known as Wanda and the Colossus. The reason for the change? According to Sony reps, Shadow of the Colossus more accurately describes the game's feel. Plus, it eliminates the possibility of any cross-translation puns ("Wanda" sounds eerily similar to "wonder" in Japanese).

Shadow of the Colossus is being developed by the same internal Sony team that worked on the 2001 PS2 critical darling ICO. The game borrows much of the beautifully muted earth-toned graphics of ICO, but it will be more action-oriented, unlike its adventuresome predecessor.

The hero of the game is a boy (like ICO) who rides across a barren wasteland with the lifeless body of a girl. In order to bring back the girl's soul, the boy and his horse must travel the land and defeat the wandering giant golems that roam the expanse.

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