Sony Removes PS4 YouTube Video For BioWare's Anthem That Showed Xbox Buttons



Recently, Sony's YouTube channel hosted a video for BioWare's new IP, Anthem, but it's now been removed because something potentially weird was going on, apparently.

People on NeoGAF discovered that the Anthem footage might have actually been from the Xbox One X version shown at E3. At different points in the video, due to the edit, you can see that PlayStation button prompts were overlayed over the Xbox prompts.

Xbox marketing manager Aaron Greenberg is having a little fun with the news story, tweeting today, "Oops!" We haven't yet seen a comment from Sony's side.

It is not uncommon for the Xbox and PlayStation YouTube accounts to host the same footage, but what's different here is that Microsoft's video from E3 was meant to specifically show off the Xbox One X edition. Given that the Xbox One X is more powerful than the PS4 and the PS4 Pro, the footage might not necessarily be representative.

Developed by BioWare Edmonton, the studio behind Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Anthem is a new sci-fi action game set in a "vast open world." The game pits players in the role of a Freelancer tasked with exploring unknown planets and protecting humanity. You'll be able to outfit your Freelancer with customisable exo-suits called Javelins, which can be equipped with a range of new gear you either craft or acquire.

The game is being "built around a live service" and features a heavy emphasis on cooperative play. EA has confirmed that up to four players can team up to complete missions together. During today's gameplay demonstration, we got our first look at one called "Hell or High Water," which took players through a dense jungle filled with giant creatures and through a bioluminescent underwater cavern.

Like a number of other of titles, the game will run in 4K and feature other enhancements when played on Xbox One X. You can watch the full gameplay demonstration from Microsoft's press conference here.

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