Sony releases Phase Paradox details

Sony releases information on its PlayStation 2 horror-adventure game.


Phase Paradox

Sony Computer Entertainment has released specific details on its PlayStation 2 horror-adventure game, Phase Paradox. The story takes place on an ill-fated spaceship called the Gallant, which is partially destroyed during a rescue mission to a planet known simply as 202. In the confusion, several members of the rescue team mysteriously disappear. The game lets the player control three main individuals--Jude, Renee, and Alia--in investigating the situation, which is much more complex than it first seems. There are 10 primary locations in the game, including a transport area, medical facilities, and biochemical laboratories. Sony promises that the stories surrounding all three characters will intertwine throughout the game, and the game's extensive cutscenes will have detailed voice acting.

The game will be released on two DVD-ROM discs, and it's due out on March 22 in Japan. No announcement has been made regarding its North American release.

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