Sony Releases Free PS4 Theme To Celebrate International Women's Day

Girl power.

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March 8 is International Women's Day, a celebration of the many influential and inspiring women around the world. To mark the occasion, Sony has released a free International Women's Day PS4 theme featuring some of the iconic female leads from PlayStation games new and old.

The characters featured include Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy, The Last of Us' Ellie, Freya from God of War, the Hunter from Bloodborne, and leading duo Chloe and Nadine from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. The theme is available to download now on the European and Australian PlayStation Stores; it's not yet listed on the US PS Store, but given it's International Women's Day, we expect it shouldn't be too much longer before it appears. [Update: PSN in the US has now added its theme; it features a different design but many of the same characters.]

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In other PlayStation news, PS4 users can now play their games using their iPhones and iPads via Remote Play, thanks to a recent PS4 system software update. Once your console is updated, you'll also need to download the PS4 Remote Play app from the Apple App Store. The app itself is compatible with the vast majority of PS4 games, with virtual buttons and sticks appearing on the iOS device screen, though you may find a bluetooth gamepad allows greater control.

Finally, PS4 players can pick up March's PS Plus games now. This month the free titles are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and The Witness.

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Nice theme, no reason to get overly dramatic 'bout this.

Avatar image for sippio

Lame! they have clothes on.

Avatar image for Vodoo

Can't wait to get my International Men's Day Penis Theme, Sony. And it better be a dynamic theme, not one of those static ones.

Do not remove this post because it isn't against the TOS.

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Amazing Atheist did a good video on this lately. Men are expendable, as society shows.

Avatar image for JEF8484

as being more rationally progressive, this day is lame as hell. In fact, this is partially why we have the Orange Orangutan in office now.

Avatar image for Barighm

Can't make Lady Maria look happy for even one pic, huh?

Who is the girl with the magic and sword? I don't recognize her.

Avatar image for nsa_protocol44

@Barighm: Mate really? She was in the game of the year, Barighm i am disappointed :(

Avatar image for sakaixx

@Barighm: Freya from the latest god of war

Avatar image for sakaixx

For fuk sake that is clearly Lady Maria!

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STOP REMOVING POSTS THAT HAVE NOTHING WRONG WITH THEM!!! Just because someone mentions a man doesn't mean they hate women. In fact, 98% of men love women. Are these mods 10 years old and don't know the difference? YOU'RE CENSORING PEOPLE FOR NO REASON! Yet you leave the spam garbage about working for Google that I have to flag 4 times before it's removed in a 24 hour period.

Avatar image for JEF8484

@Vodoo: True. IGN has some BS system in place now too.

Avatar image for jminette

So we get last years theme in the US finally? Yay! Can't wait until next year when we finally get this one and they have a brand new one for everywhere else.

Avatar image for USDevilDog

Looks cool!

Avatar image for siarhei

Is it coming to US PSN?

Avatar image for jminette

@siarhei: Maybe next year at this rate. The one we got on out store was last year's according to Eurogamer

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I'm just glad Lady Maria is getting some recognition :)

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OH it's woman's days! sry just now i know it :{

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Avatar image for redhedjack

Missed opportunity to have the Persona 5 girls included.

I promise I'm not a weeb. ;_;

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@redhedjack: Stop lying Jack, I saw you watching Boku no Hero Academia the other day.

Avatar image for redhedjack

@nsa_protocol44: THAT'S ONE OF THE FEw GOOD ANIME > <

Avatar image for nvdub

Anyone else notice that the theme that dropped for the United States is last year's theme? Will next year's International Women's day allow us access to this year's theme? Why are we a year behind? I was irritated that I couldn't get last year's theme, and now I'm just as irritated that I can't get this new one.

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Kat is wifey.

Avatar image for 93ChevyNut

Oh boy. Haters are on their way.

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@93ChevyNut: That's what i thought too but the comments have been really tame as of me writing this.

Well done Gamespot community!

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@ratchet200: I think most gamers are tired of GG'ers (mis)representing gamers on social media, and it is a great thing.

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@93ChevyNut: lol, that was my first thought. You can hear the mechanical keyboards clacking from here

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I think all of us are for women, am I right?

I mean, all of us have mothers.



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@videogameninja: I'm for me, and for individuals. We all have fathers, too, yet I've never seen a theme for International Men's Day.

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@Shadowdanc3r: as a man i dont even care for mens day theme where guys are hugging and sharing flowers with each other. this is win win

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@PrpleTrtleBuBum: The men in this hypothetical theme could just be playing video games like the women in this theme, I don't know where you got that "hugging and sharing flowers" stuff from.

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