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Sony rejected EyeToy Kama Sutra game

Sony Computer Entertainment executive producer Pete Smith says firm received, then rejected, a genuine pitch for a game based on Hindu sex text.


Sony received a genuine pitch for an EyeToy Kama Sutra game, but the firm swiftly rejected it, according to an interview Eurogamer had with Sony Computer Entertainment executive producer Pete Smith at the Develop conference yesterday.

There won't be a Kama Sutra EyeToy game just yet.
There won't be a Kama Sutra EyeToy game just yet.

"This was a genuine pitch from a developer," Smith said. "Seriously, this was a genuine pitch. So, the guy is going to me, 'It's like, so there's an outline on the screen with the EyeToy…' I'm like, I get it, yeah."

Kama Sutra is an ancient Hindu text that details human sexuality, specifically sexual positions.

Smith said he and his colleagues conversed about the game, and quickly decided to reject it, but not before the team gave some thought as to how it might be tested.

"We were talking about it back at the office. Obviously we didn't sign it and it never ever saw the light of day. But we were going, 'How exactly would we QA it?'" he said. "You can imagine these two big hairy testers going, 'No, you're the b**** tonight.'"

Despite declining to publish the game, Smith said that part of him thought that it should have come to market.

"In one sense I think, god, I wish it would have been done," he said. "We could have maybe got some celebrity endorsements and stuff like that."

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