Sony registers Infamous 2 Web site

Publisher secures domain name for unannounced sequel to Sucker Punch's 2009 PS3-exclusive open-world action game.


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Anyone who finished last year's PlayStation 3-exclusive Infamous knows that whether the main character was played as a noble hero or as a ruthless villain, the game's story pointed strongly to a sequel. Fans might not have to wait much longer for that sequel to become a reality, as Sony has started putting pieces together for an Infamous 2 marketing campaign.

With the world saved (or doomed), Cole can finally go back to delivering packages in Infamous 2.
With the world saved (or doomed), Cole can finally go back to delivering packages in Infamous 2.

As spotted by sleuthing blog superannuation, Sony Computer Entertainment America this week registered the domain. Though there's no site at that URL currently, Sony has secured its claim to the domain through April of next year.

Even if the conclusion to Infamous didn't invite a sequel so clearly, a follow-up to the open-world action game would hardly be surprising. The game sold more than 1.2 million copies worldwide last year, and Sony Pictures was working on a feature-film adaptation within months of the title's debut.

Released last May to critical acclaim, the Sucker Punch-developed game tells the story of bike messenger Cole McGrath, who, after a massive explosion, wakes up with electricity-based superpowers. In the game, players make McGrath either a savior or a scourge as he attempts to break a government-imposed quarantine of his city.

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