Sony recalls 3.5 million PS2 AC adapters

Overheating issues reported in power cords for Sony's slimline PlayStation 2 consoles manufactured last year.


TOKYO--Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that it is instituting a worldwide recall for the AC adapter used with its new slimline PlayStation 2 console. The company warns that AC adapters manufactured between August and December of 2004 have the possibility of overheating, which may result in damages and injuries. About 3.5 million AC adapters are being recalled by Sony: 2.3 million from Europe, 843,000 from North America, 60,000 from Japan, and the remaining from Asia.

Slimline PS2 console owners can check if their AC adapter is being recalled by looking at its label. Adapters considered at risk and eligible for the recall are printed with the model number "HP-AT048H03" and have one of the following five date stamps: 2004.8, 2004.9, 2004.10, 2004.11, 2004.12. Sony has prepared a Web site for its PS2 AC adapter recall, which features a step-by-step diagnosis section, and details on shipping the adapter.

Sony explains that a small component supplied to the subcontracting manufacturer of the AC adapters has been found to be vulnerable to overheating. The company assures slimline PS2 owners that the component was not used in the manufacturing of AC adapters after December 2004.

According to Reuters and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Sony received 38 reports of the adapters overheating in North America. Reports to the CPSC included two minor burns, one minor shock, and four reports of minor property damage.

Microsoft ran into similar problems with the power cords of the Xbox, and initiated a recall for more than 14 million AC adapters. Once again, overheating was cited as the problem.

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