Sony readies new PSP bundle

Stockings will be stuffed with new PSP Giga Pack; essentially swaps out 32MB card for 1GB card for $299.

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more screens (7)

Sony Computer Entertainment today announced that it will offer a new PSP bundle for this holiday season, called the PSP Giga Pack, beginning next month.

The PSP Giga Pack will basically include the same items as the usual PSP Value Pack: the PlayStation Portable, an AC adapter, a battery pack, headphones w/remote control, a protective pouch, a wiping cloth, and a Memory Stick Duo.

However, the pack's "Giga" status comes from the inclusion of a 1GB memory stick in lieu of the 32MB stick in the Value Pack. The pack also includes two more items not featured in the Value Pack, a PSP stand that allows for hands-free movie viewing and a USB cable to connect the portable to PCs.

The Giga Pack will sell for $299 (349 CDN) in North America and for 299.99 euros (214.99 GBP) in Europe. In Japan the PSP Giga Pack is slated for release on November 17 at the price of 29,800 yen ($258). The Japanese package will be offered in both the standard black (PSP-1000G1) and Ceramic White (PSP-1000G1CW) PSP color models.

Gamers that practiced patience and waited for a holiday deal seem to have made the right choice. For the extra $50, Giga Pack purchasers will get an extra 968MB of memory, which is ample space to throw on music or a movie. The 1GB PSP-branded stick will also be sold separately.

On the other hand (pun intended), the Giga Pack is missing the hand strap that's included in the Value Pack, so consumers that want one will need to purchase it separately. Up until now, the PSP hand strap has only been available together with a spare pouch for 2,100 yen ($18.18), but SCE announced that it will release a selection of three new fashionable PSP hand straps together with the PSP Giga Pack in Japan.

The Casual Line hand strap, which features a leather plate, has the most affordable price of 1,000 yen ($8.66). The Elegant Line hand strap features a metal plate and costs 2,000 yen ($17.32), while the Urban Line hand strap, priced at 3,000 yen ($25.98), uses black leather and a large metal plate. SCE will also release two neck straps for the PSP, which will be priced at 1,300 ($11.25) and 2,300 yen ($19.91). SCE has not announced whether it plans to release the new straps outside of Japan.

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