Sony racing out Jak sequel

Jak X: Combat Racing announced for fall release on the PS2; game features online play and vehicular combat.


Sony Computer Entertainment America today announced that Jak X: Combat Racing will be coming to the PlayStation 2 this fall. The game is being developed by Santa Monica-headquartered Naughty Dog and is the fourth one in the Jak and Daxter franchise.

Unlike the franchise's previous installments, this latest Jak and Daxter game will eschew the action and adventure associated with the series. As its name suggests, Jak X: Combat Racing will be a combat-heavy driving game.

The game continues where Jak 3 left off and once again follows the pointy-eared Jak and his tough-talking muskrat pal, Daxter. Shortly after the defeat of the Dark Maker in the last episode, the world begins to thrive, and combat racing becomes the planet's biggest attraction. After being invited to a reading of the will of Krew, a slain gang leader, Jak and recognizable characters from the franchise find out they have been poisoned. The only way to get the antidote is to represent Krew in the next Kras City Grand Championship of combat racing.

There are more than 100 events in the game's adventure mode, as well as time trial, death race, and arena deathmatch modes in the game's multiplayer portion. Up to six players can race each other over a broadband Internet connection, or two players can race against each other on one console.

Gamers looking to show off their own style can customize their cars to their liking with "snap on" parts, decorative decals, and other accessories. Once the car is outfitted, it can be shown off in online races with other players from around the world. Each car can be equipped with a variety of weapons, including smart bombs, mines, and several projectile weapons.

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