Sony: PSP Skype still on track for Europe

Following on from reports that the service will be delayed in Japan, Sony rushes to reassure European gamers.


Just before this year's Consumer Electronics Show, the news leaked out that Sony was planning to add voice over IP support to the PlayStation Portable.

By adding Skype functionality to the handheld, users could expect to be able to take advantage of free PSP-to-PSP and PSP-to-PC calls on the new PSP Slim.

The new service was expected to launch imminently, as early as within a month in the US, Japan, and Europe. However, a statement from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan today has announced a change of schedule in the region.

The launch date for Japan had originally been set at January 24 in two packages, the "Single Pack" with one microphone, and the "Twin Pack" with two microphones. According to the statement, the launch in Japan has been postponed because, "the microphone did not meet the Skype specifications in part to obtain certification." A new release date is due to be set for the region.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe was quick to reassure European gamers on the semiofficial Three Speech blog that the delay in Japan would not affect the EU release date. The Skype functionality and microphones are still on schedule for a release at the end of January in Europe.

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