Sony: PlayStation Network compromised

Electronics giant warns that "a small percentage" of download service's users might have had personal information swiped, store funds spent as a result of security breach.


April Fools' Day isn't until next week, but Sony has already fallen prey to one nasty trick. The electronics giant updated the consumer alerts section of its official PlayStation Web site to say that "there has been a possibility of unauthorized access to personal information on the PlayStation Store through PCs..."

From the description given, it appears users' passwords were at risk. Given access to such passwords, unauthorized users could sign on to an account, obtain the real user's personal information, change the password, and rack up charges at the PlayStation Store. While the store saves credit card numbers, it does not display the full number to the user, so thieves would be unable to swipe credit card information for use elsewhere.

Sony said that it has already fixed the issue and that the network's security has been restored. The company has contacted users that it believes may have been victims of the security breach and suggests that concerned gamers can ensure their accounts are safe simply by logging in with their preset passwords.

If users are unable to log in, Sony is asking them to reset their passwords, check to see what unauthorized activity has taken place, and e-mail the company at for assistance.

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