Sony PlayStation Classic Games List Confirmed

Old school cool.

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Sony has officially confirmed the full list of games for its upcoming mini console throwback to the PS1, the PlayStation Classic. The system is set to launch on December 3 and comes pre-loaded with a total of 20 games, as previously announced. The initial reveal consisted of only five games on the list, but we now know everything it will come with.

As revealed on the PlayStation Blog, the list includes a nice mixture of genres and titles that represent the iconic console. These include Battle Arena Toshinden, Metal Gear Solid, Jumping Flash, Syphon Filter, Tekken 3, and more. Take a look at the full list, which looks to be the same across Europe and American territories, below. (Those in Japan, however, are getting a similar but not entirely identical list of games, as their PlayStation Classic will feature some additional RPGs.) You can also watch a trailer for the micro console below.

The December 3 release date is significant as it's also the day that the original PlayStation launched in 1994. The new mini version of the PlayStation is 45 percent smaller than the original one. We spotted the PlayStation Classic alongside the original hardware at Paris Games Week and you can see them side-by-side in the pictures below.

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PlayStation Classic Games List

  • Battle Arena Toshinden
  • Cool Boarders 2
  • Destruction Derby
  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Intelligent Qube
  • Jumping Flash
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Mr Driller
  • Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
  • Rayman
  • Resident Evil Director’s Cut
  • Revelations: Persona
  • Ridge Racer Type 4
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
  • Syphon Filter
  • Tekken 3
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six
  • Twisted Metal
  • Wild Arms
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The PlayStation Classic will be available for £90/$99. It will ship with an HDMI cable, USB cable, and two wired controllers. The replicas of the original PS1 controller included do not have the analog sticks introduced in the DualShock. You can use our PS1 Classic pre-order guide to find out more about the PlayStation Classic and see the best places to reserve one.

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Avatar image for deviled

lackluster games

Avatar image for alien-ouy

No Gran Turismo ? Huge disappointment !

Avatar image for goobermcdermit

Only about half the games do it for me. That has been the trend for all the classic console stuff for me though.

Avatar image for ember_to_flame

weird games list, there were way better on ps1, except for MGS ofcourse. FF8, twisted metal 2, crash 2? wipeout/ace combat, I had soo many good games, cant even remember most of them but that list is not even close. But Im not gonna buy it so I can't really complain xD. Just mgs in that list makes it worth it anyhow.

Avatar image for crimsonmar

Have no idea why they included the weaker oddworld and resident evil game instead of their sequel.

Avatar image for uninspiredcup

A decent list but the price is abit high.

Avatar image for justinc882

Persona and wild arms is enough to make it worth it for me.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c56012aaa167

Where is Bubsy 3D ? we need the game that managed to surpass Mario , Sonic and Crash.

Avatar image for asultana121x

Very disappointing list. Only like 6 of the games I even like on there...

Avatar image for pharoe777

@asultana121x: in your opinion it maybe

Avatar image for jecht187

Well.. I was disappointed in the list... It should have been a list of PlayStation Classics games like Castlevania, FF8 & 9, and many more.. Its ok, I'll just hack the shit out of it and make it my own!

Avatar image for starchaser1981

@jecht187: I have similar complaints and that's exactly what I'm doing once it becomes possible.

Avatar image for Ish_basic

what, no Army Men? C' am I supposed to take this list seriously?

Avatar image for kentran209

Seriously....preordered 4 of these because I have family who are HUGE PS1 FANS that I knew they would appreciate.

I just finished canceling all 4 preorders. The game list is the worst 20 you can put together from such an amazing system. I'd rather put my efforts in putting the amazing ps1 titles on my PS3....this classic is pure trash. Very happy after knowing the list I will not spend $1 on Sony's classic system line.....most of these games are pure trash vs what could be on the system.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@kentran209: yea, more than half of the games on there aren't deserving... they are also short by about 10 games as it should have included at minimum 30 games instead of 20. missed opportunity.

Avatar image for ghostface80

Too bad no Clock Tower

Avatar image for Sindroid

Should have put Destruction Derby 2 instead of the first. Much superior.
Twisted Metal 2 also instead of the first.

Avatar image for starchaser1981

@Sindroid: Agreed. They should have focused more on the refined sequels than the originals. They obviously went into this project caring more about making a statement with it than giving it actual consistent quality games.

Avatar image for thetrellan

Sounds to me like they just want to repackage old games and old tech to make money without real effort. Otherwise why a separate console? Why not make the games run on the PS4?

Avatar image for TrueLink

@thetrellan: It would almost certainly have been cheaper for them to make the games run on PS4. But more people will buy a prepackaged nostalgia box than al a carte games, as Nintendo proved.

Avatar image for thetrellan

@TrueLink: I doubt that. One of the main reasons stated for the lack of backwards compatibility when the PS3 was released was that it would make the new console too bulky including the hardware to enable that. That means the old games would have to be rewritten to work with newer playstations like the PS3 and the PS4. And indeed, some games did get this treatment. God of War, for one.

By releasing the games as originally released to run on systems following original designs, they sidestep all of those headaches. Like reprinting old books, it saves on production costs. It also discourages players from demanding versions for PC and alternate consoles. It's definitely the easy road for them.

Avatar image for TrueLink

@thetrellan: The PS3 was backwards compatible with the PS2 and PS1 at launch. To get the PS2 backwards compatibility, they just included a PS2 CPU and GPU on the PS3 board. They eventually removed half of this, making up for it in software to save costs on each PS3, and later they removed the other half thus removing backwards compatibility.

The PS1 backwards compatibility was done entirely through software, because for the most part PS1 emulation is easy. This compatibility was never lost. You can put almost any PS1 disc into a PS3 and play it. A PS1 emulator from Sony was even added to the PSP, which is how it plays PSOne Classics. Then Sony made a PSP emulator for the Vita that is used to run the PSP's PS1 emulator. It's emulation inception.

There is no question that they could easily add a PS1 emulator to the PS4. It's far more capable than the PlayStation Classic. The PlayStation Classic is running an emulator to play PS1 games anyway.

Avatar image for thetrellan

@TrueLink: I actually had the early, bulkier PS3 and had to buy a late model PS2 because the thing woudn't play PS2 games, so that's just not true. Had there been a compatible model out there, I would have known, because I checked it out before deciding to get both systems. So I'm pretty sure you're wrong.

Avatar image for dlCHIEF58

@thetrellan: WHAT? The first 2 iterations of the PS3 were most certainly BC with the PS2, but not all the phat models - you got a 3rd gen or later (as I have). The first one had all the hardware present, the second did it through software emulation. So no, you are the one wrong here - a quick Google search or trip to Wikipedia will show you that.

Avatar image for starchaser1981

@thetrellan: Some of the early 1st Gen PS3 bulkier models were backward compatible with PS2 titles. I have a PS3 Slim redesign model myself except I remember the 1st wave of the bulkier models that were released in late 2006 which were 20GB, 60GB, and 80GB being backward compatible. Sometime later on, they released a 40gb and 160gb model, still in the original bulky design which were not backward compatible with PS2 titles. You probably still own one of those models. Every slim redesign which followed lacked PS2 backward compatibility but retained PS1 backward compatibility.

Avatar image for TrueLink

@thetrellan: The changes didn't happen with the slimming down of the PS3, they happened sooner. They also removed two USB ports, the memory card readers, and the swap-able top panel to cut cost. I'm guessing you have a fat unit that has two USB ports and no memory card slots. It probably came with a 40 GB HDD. I had one like that too, but my friends got 60 GB launch models that had PS2s built in.

But hey, don't take my word for it. It's on Sony's website:

But that doesn't even tell the whole story because it doesn't mention that the 60 GB and 20 GB units have basically fully backwards compatibility, while the 80 GB CECHE01 model lacks the CPU, limiting its compatibility to software emulation. Check out this article from 2008 chronicling the changes that occured in 2007:

Avatar image for starchaser1981

@TrueLink: If your comment is in response to my explanation of this, I didn't say that. I'm aware that the shift from PS2 BC to the lack of occurred sometime before the end of 2007 with the original fat models and not only happening with the introduction of the original slim redesign or the PS3 Super Slim. You can usually tell which Fat PS3 has PS2 BC just going by the size of the HDD or the exclusion of certain ports and features. There were basically 2 generations of the Fat Model altogether. I'm also aware that there's an 80GB fat model which came later on which lacks PS2 BC.

I've heard that they cut the production costs early on because Sony went into the 7th generation overestimating how successful the PS3 was going to be because of coming out extremely victorious from the 6th Generation with the PlayStation 2. It's just more evidence of how how greedy and money hungry Sony can get. They were almost as stingy as Nintendo at the end of 2007.

Avatar image for TrueLink

@starchaser1981: StarChaser, my comment wasn't in response to yours. We are essentially pointing out the same thing. I actually posted my comment a few minutes before yours, but GameSpot posts the newest comment on top in regards to same-level replies. It gets confusing when there are enough replies to push everything onto the same level or if you are on mobile.

Avatar image for thetrellan

@TrueLink: Not for me in Opera it doesn't. Replies are showing beneath. It's probably not Opera, though. I think you both might need to change your 'sort by' options.

Avatar image for TrueLink


It's true, I do have the default "Latest" setting in my sort by options. And replies still appear below the post they are replying to. But when you have two replies to the exact same post, the newest reply appears above the older.

For example, both you and Starchaser replied to my comment that starts with "StarChaser, my comment wasn't...", but you replied 11 minutes after Starchaser, so your reply is newer and gets sorted above his while still being below mine. And example of this is in this image:

Avatar image for starchaser1981

@TrueLink: Okay my bad. I had an Xbox 360 throughout most of that generation so I was sort of inattentive to exactly what Sony was doing in terms of BC until they came out with the Slim and Super Slim Redesigns. I knew those did not have it but learned later on that it was also relevant to the original fat models during some point in their production. I never actually purchased my first PS3 until the end of 2012 and it was the original slim model (I'm not sure if they had even released the super slim model yet). By this time, I had already learned that Sony had ditched all backward-compatibility with the exception of most PS1 titles.

I really learned this in 2010 / 2011 when I was living with a roommate who owned an original fat model PS3 and when I asked him if we could stick in a PS2 game, he adamantly stated (he sounded rather frustrated) that he had already tried most of his PS2 games and that the specific fat model which he owned would not play them. I believe that he owned the 2nd generation 80GB fat Playstation 3 because according to his account, he never even started playing modern video games until 2007 or 2008. Probably the reason that he missed out on the fat model PS2 BC regardless of the HDD size. At the time, I still had no idea that I could distinguish the two by comparing the external ports.

Avatar image for thetrellan


@TrueLink:I had the 80GB model and several PS2 games, none of which worked with the new console. When I complained about compatibility issues, no mention was made of any existing compatibility systems at all. Instead I was informed that enabling backward compatibility required hardware that would make the console too bulky.

In light of everything I've learned since as well as here, it suggests to me 2 things:

1) My system was already obsolete when I bought it, and the technician I spoke to thought I had the slimmer design. Hard to imagine he might not have known the bulkier models existed, though, so I think he was being deliberately circumspect about the info he shared with me. This fits in with established sales guidelines that instruct representatives to do things like avoid using the word "no" at all costs.

2)In the 2007 article, "mostly compatible" actually means what was said in the first article. Limited, but possibly more than half. None of the games I specifically bought to play worked, but now I do recall getting a small box of games from my sister, and a few of them did work. This was a year or two later, and the games that did work didn't appeal to me. So it didn't really make an impression at the time.

Thanks for clearing that up.

But since the PS4 actually isn't directly backwards compatible with previous games, my point still stands.

Avatar image for TrueLink

@thetrellan: I'm sorry to hear about the technician's confusion. Since most 80 GB models didn't have backwards compatibility, yours more than likely doesn't have it. You can always double check the model on the bottom of the console to find out for sure. If yours is the CECHE01, then the link below has a pretty good reference of compatibility.

However, your points do not still stand. Writing an emulator for the PS4 to play PSOne Classics would still be cheaper than designing, manufacturing, marketing a piece of hardware and then writing an emulator for that. The PSOne Classic is not the "original designs" or a recreation of original hardware. It's a small computer running an emulator is a plastic shell that looks like the original PlayStation.

Avatar image for thetrellan

@TrueLink: I phrased that carefully, as I'm aware of the online emulation capabilities. And my point ultimately goes beyond mere BC, as I regard it as a bone Sony throws to consumers to make up for making compatibility such a serious issue in the first place.

The truth is that all consoles could be far more useful and versatile than they are. None so far have given serious consideration to incorporating displays in their designs. Not entirely their fault, but it is something that has been needed all along, and it represents a failure on their part to address. Right now it's a bit outside the box, because of the push away from PC in favor of touchscreen based technologies like phones and tablets.

But a clamshell design and effective modding functionality could eliminate advantages that PC's currently have. In fact, that would give Playstation the advantage, since their OS is dedicated to gaming only. Potentially less glitchy.

Ah, but that's an issue for another day.

I am duly impressed with your facility to find appropriate references, though. Seriously. When I try to Google these things, it's kind of a crapshoot. Respect.