Sony Plans to Shut Down PlayStation Mobile

After just two years, Sony announces plans to end support for its indie game platform later this year.

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Sony's PlayStation Mobile platform, essentially a framework for PlayStation Vita and Android indie games, is shutting down. The company confirmed the news on Wednesday, announcing that PlayStation Mobile will no longer distribute content after July 15, 2015.

Super Crate Box was one of 16 launch titles for PlayStation Mobile.
Super Crate Box was one of 16 launch titles for PlayStation Mobile.

In-app purchases and the ability to re-download previously purchased content will come to an end on September 10, 2015. The shutdown applies to both PS Vita and certified PlayStation Android devices such as smartphones and tablets.

PlayStation Mobile officially launched in October 2012.

Any previously downloaded PlayStation Mobile content will still be available after September 10, though users will need to activate their PS Vita or Android device using the instructions printed below.

"We would like to sincerely thank our dedicated PlayStation fans and the development community for their participation in PlayStation Mobile," Sony said.

How to activate your device:

  • For PS Vita users: You will need to complete the device activation process by performing the steps below between March 10, 2015, and September 10, 2015:
    Go to [Settings] > [PSN] > [System Activation] > [PlayStation Mobile] > [Activate] > [OK].
  • For PlayStation Certified device users: You will need to open up the PSM app and launch any purchased PSM content between April 10, 2015 and September 10, 2015 to complete the content authentication process.
  • Please ensure that you have downloaded all of the games that you want to keep. After September 10, 2015, you will not be able to re-download your purchased content.
  • Devices that are not authenticated prior to September 10, 2015 will be unable to access previously purchased PSM content after that date.

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