Sony On Recent PS4 Issues -- "We're Not Bulletproof"

"We're really, really apologetic," PlayStation director Michael Ephraim says.

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A PlayStation director has responded to the recent spate of PlayStation Network issues on PlayStation 4, apologizing for the bugs, and explaining that Sony is "not bulletproof" as it relates to network troubles. In an interview with VG247, SCE Australia managing director Michael Ephraim spoke about the recent troubles, which impacted the PS4's new Rest Mode, among other things.

"Listen: we’re really, really apologetic," he said. "Dealing with network and digital--I'm not trying to spread or deflect anything, but dealing on such a robust network is a tricky experience. The good thing is we've launched 2.01, which has fixed the Rest Mode, and has fixed the YouTube app."

"We're not bulletproof on those things" -- Michael Ephraim

"It was very unfortunate. We hate that," he added. "The network was down during the 2.0 release. It's very unfortunate. Those things are gonna happen over time. We're not bulletproof on those things."

Ephraim went on to say that a struggling network has been one of the side effects of the PS4's huge initial success, with more than 13.5 million PS4s sold so far.

"Dealing with global network loads and concurrent users for a platform that is ever expanding because of our sales being so strong is tricky at times, and we're not infallible," he said.

The PSN was also to blame for a serious bug encountered by Dragon Age: Inquisition reviewers, though BioWare and Sony have worked together to fix this ahead of the game's release next week.

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