Sony Offers 10% PS Store Discount Following PSN Xmas Woes

Discount code to run for limited time from January 23-26; PSN extensions begin.

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PlayStation 4 and PS Vita customers have been offered a ten percent discount on the PS Store for a limited time, as part of a peace offering following the PSN downtime over the Christmas period.

The discount will run for four days, valid from January 23-26 (starting and ending at 9am Pacific in the US, and 9am GMT in Europe). Exclusions apply too, with PS Plus subscriptions, Music Unlimited and video rentals not eligible for discount.

Sony says the code can be found on the PlayStation Store and via the PlayStation twitter account (the code was unavailable at the time of going to press).

Meanwhile, Sony has also begun to extend users' PS Plus subscriptions by five days at no extra cost. "You will receive an email in the coming days with a confirmation of details about the extension," the company said.

The discount was offered in response to the PlayStation Network outages over the Christmas period, with Sony's online network inaccessible following a DDoS attack. The culprit of the attack, an online group called Lizard Squad, is now being pursued by the authorities. At least one arrest has already been made.

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