Sony Offered the Wrong PlayStation Plus Game This Week

So much for being a legend.


Among this month's free PlayStation Plus games is History Legends of War: Patton for PlayStation Vita. If you were quick in claiming your games, you may have ended up with the wrong one due to a mixup with a similarly named game.

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As explained on the PlayStation EU Twitter account, Legends of War: Patton's Campaign was "mistakenly included" in the January lineup. That's not only the wrong game, it's also for the wrong system, as it's a PlayStation Portable game.

Sony didn't explain how this happened, but it could be due to a naming difference between North America and Europe. The PlayStation Store listing in the former is for "History Legends of War: Patton," whereas it's simply "History Legends of War" on the UK store. That may have made it easy to assume the game whose name contains "Legends of War" and "Patton" in it was the correct one. (Good thing War of Legends isn't also on PSN.)

The error has since been fixed, and the correct game can now be claimed by Plus members for free, as can January's other five games.

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