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Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft: Which Company Won E3 2014?

The winner is you.


E3 2014 is over and done, but who came out on top? With such a strong showing from every company, it's impossible to decide a unanimous winner, so GameSpot's editors have taken sides in the argument and chosen which company they felt came out on top.

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Why Nintendo Won E3

Rather than going toe-to-toe with Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo is playing its own game. [Read the full story]

by Carolyn Petit

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Why Sony Won E3

After being forced to eat its fair share of humble pie during the PS3-era, Sony has now spent considerable effort to build up its relationships with publishers and developers. [Read the full story]

by Martin Gaston

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Why Microsoft Won E3

Bouncing back from a rocky 2013, Microsoft turned things around at E3 with a conference that was, literally, all about the games. [Read the full story]

by Justin Haywald

Who was the winner for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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