Sony NGP Q&A: Video out, hardware features, software, and more

NGP details spilled in our talk with Shuhei Yoshida, head of Sony Computer Entertainment's worldwide studios.


Sony's "next generation portable," or NGP as it has been known since its announcement at a press conference in Japan, has been the object of much speculation since its January debut. GameSpot caught up with Sony Computer Entertainment's head of worldwide studios, Shuhei Yoshida, at a pre-Electronic Entertainment Expo press event to grill him about what we can expect from the new handheld, how 3G will figure into the package, what configurations the device will come in, what support for legacy PSP titles there will be, what the biggest hurdle is to the NGP's success, and much more.

GameSpot: The last time we spoke, Sony had just unveiled the NGP. Now that you've had a chance to see the Internet's reactions to the hardware, was is what you expected or were you surprised by anything?

Shuhei Yoshida: Oh, if anything, I was surprised about how overwhelmingly positive the reactions from people who have had the chance to have hands-on with the system were. So that made us really, really happy and pumped.

It's all about connectivity for the NGP.
It's all about connectivity for the NGP.

GS: Obviously, there are quite a few unanswered questions, so let's dive into those. Where did you end up on video out?

SY: Yeah, so video out…actually, we have decided not to put that in the system. So, you know, there won't be an HDMI connection or something like that. So, it's unfortunate, but we had to make some choices in terms of components and cost of goods.

GS: In terms of unit types, there've been rumors and speculation about different configurations that include 3G. What can you tell us about what Sony is aiming for?

SY: Yeah, we are still working with the 3G carriers in each country. So our offering might, you know, be different by region or even by country. So we are still nailing the details. So we will be talking about that when we get ready.

GS: In terms of software, one of the biggest challenges the PSP had was that software releases were inconsistent after the strong launch. What has Sony learned from that and how are you applying it to the NGP?

SY: Yeah, absolutely. So that's one of the biggest things we always talked about when we were approaching the design of the NGP, you know…we were so excited about the PSP with a big screen and beautiful screen and in PlayStation 2-like graphics just as we are talking about PlayStation 3-like graphics on the NGP.

Yeah, so there is a similarity there. But the bigger thing we learned about the PSP was that people get accustomed to the graphic side of things pretty quickly. And once the standard is set, that's something people expect from their games. So that will require constant evolution. So we have to keep up evolving and always, you know, provide a certain level of performance on the system.

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida.
Sony's Shuhei Yoshida.

But, you know, once the graphics appreciation has passed, it all comes down to the actual gameplay. And our biggest mistake, I would say, with the PSP was we were just so happy to provide the PS2 gaming on the go, and we kind of stopped there. We had the Wi-Fi capability with the PSP and in some of the countries, like in Japan, playing with other friends with Wi-Fi became a huge phenomena.

But outside that, there is very little that you are able to put on the PSP. So what we wanted to do with the NGP was, besides the great graphics and CPU, think on what interface we could put in to make the gameplay really stand out. You know, something that you cannot even do with the PS3. So the front and back touchpad, the dual-analog sticks, social connectivities, and the camera AR.

All these you cannot replicate in the console experience. So we have to show what this means with our own games. But we are confident the NGP has enough of these elements that as we go, people will see the gaming experience on the NGP will be unique enough. So that they would want to play NGP games in addition to what they have in the console. That's the difference.

GS: So we're seeing today that there is the possibility of compatibility between the gaming experience on the NGP and the PS3. Is this a focus for the NGP?

SY: Absolutely yeah, that's something we are very excited to be working on. For one thing, the core performance is very similar, much closer between the PS3 and the NGP compared to the PSP and the PS3. So some games can be made available for both the PS3 and the PSP. Like we are showing Wipeout today…how the online compatibility…when you play Wipeout online, your opponent might be coming from the PS3 or the NGP.

And that's very exciting for us. And the other point too is we can provide through the PlayStation Network because we expect most of the NGP users will have a PSN account, as compared to the PSP. When we launched the PSP, we didn't have the PSN yet.

So the connectivity would not be limited by connecting cables between the PSP and the PS3 with a USB. But we can create connectivities through the PSN and we can do some cool stuff that we are not talking about as yet, but we'll be very happy to show pretty soon what you can do between the PS3 and the NGP.

GS: So Sony has been big about talking up the NGP as a game system, but will the multimedia capabilities be on par or greater than what the PSP offers?

SY: We are trying more than what we've done with the PSP.

GS: If that's the case, can we expect a closer alignment in video support to what the PS3 can do?

SY: Well, you know, that's everybody's hope because the NGP has such a large, beautiful screen. It's a perfect device to carry with you. We'd like to make it a very easy, seamless process that you can have on the PS3 or network services that you can have on the NGP.

We are not just talking about the video compatibility; we are talking about other network services that people use heavily now. Nowadays, you know, not just video, but other services. We like to bring as much of that to the NGP, so that people can have a multi-device-like benefit or sign up with certain network services.

GS: And as far as compatibility between legacy PSP titles goes, are all the legacy titles going to work on the NGP?

SY: We are still going through the QA process, but the premise is, you know, the older PSP titles…those coming from the PSN store and the dedicated PSN titles, including the Minis, should work fine on the NGP. But, because the NGP has a larger screen, graphically the games will get some benefits.

And we are also adding some edge smoothing using filtering techniques. So consumers will have the choice to make the textures smoother. We'll also provide options to remap some of the controls onto the right analog stick. Some PSP games like Resistance Retribution and Metal Gear Peace Walker use the face buttons for camera control. This makes the games a bit challenging to use. But when you remap the buttons to the right analog stick, you can have an easier time. Other games like Monster Hunter use the directional pad as a camera control. So we will provide options for people to remap the direction of buttons to the right analog stick as well. We are working on the details of that.

Some PSP games may be remapped for the NGP's controls.
Some PSP games may be remapped for the NGP's controls.

GS: And as far as other gaming options go, how do you see Android games figuring into the software library and system launch?

SY: Yeah, so we have to define the launch. We are still working on that, on both PlayStation 3 and the NGP. So for the PlayStation 3, our target is to go multi-devices, even beyond the PlayStation devices, like Android phones or tablets. And so we are providing the PSOne gaming content to some of the hardware before we have the proper PS suite launched later this year. But our target is to have a lot more content and support to multiple devices, including our own PlayStation devices. And the NGP is certainly one of the key devices that we will like to support PSS. So that, as NGP owners, you'll be able to choose to play some more casual, cell-phone-type content on top of the console-style NGP games. Also, from the content providers, they can have a larger installed base of devices that they can target when they create games on the PSS format.

GS: What do you feel you absolutely have to nail in the NGP for it to succeed?

SY: Right now it's our titles. We definitely have to deliver the promise and capability of the NGP through our games. Talking about all the features, the hardware features is nice, but unless it has a meaningful use to the games, we just can't expect people to be excited for those features. So we are working really hard to make the hardware features very meaningful in our games to show off the capability of the NGP across our titles. So that's a number one priority for me.

GS: And looking at the market, what do you think about price?

SY: Pricing is important and the value is important as well. So we are looking at different options in terms of our offerings. So the right pricing could be different based on what we are going to offer. We are really taking it seriously in terms of setting the price.

GS: Has everything that's happened with the PSN impacted NGP development?

SY: The outage affected our development activities, so all our developers diverted their efforts to the non-online side of things, like core gameplay. So the outage has ended, and the teams are back to working on the online features. But aside from that, nothing has changed in terms of planning for the use of the PSN or the NGP.

The rear touch panels make the NGP unique, says Yoshida.
The rear touch panels make the NGP unique, says Yoshida.

GS: So for the titles that have cross-compatibility between the PS3 and the NGP, how are those going to get delivered?

SY: So we have capability to deliver games online through the PSN store, on both the NGP and the PS3. So that's very easy solution. But some games require physical media, like Blu-ray games or cartridge games. So we are looking into options as to how we provide the actual game content to consumers. Some consumers may not have access to the PSN. In that case, how we deliver those games? Do we want to package game discs and a game card in the same package? So we are looking at different options. But network is the easiest.

GS: Last question: What can people expect from Sony at E3 this year?

SY: So we might have some new game announcements [laughs]…very exciting titles. We will talk more about the social connectivity side; what that means to our games. How games would use these live videos and news and 3G connectivity.

GS: Will we hear about the NGP launch?

SY: We'll definitely have more information, but you'll have to wait and see.

GS: We'll be there. Thanks for your time.

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@Sigil-otaku I was planning on leaving my previous comment as my last but I have to say I agree with you that games systems can be compared in general terms. Again was stuck on the fact you seemed to be simply focusing on one specific piece of gaming and trying to use a more general example to try and prove your point. As you said it was simply miscommunication and I'll leave it as that. As far as a touch screen on the Wii U being a evolution for consoles I'm still skeptical as I feel it will make each controller quite expensive and I am not sure I see the point in having a big screen on the controller when can simply look at the TV in front of me. To be honest I thought it was another handheld when I first saw the announcement. None the less I won't make any true judgement calls until I actually try the thing myself.

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@fantom513 This is my last post because I don't feel I need to say more. if you disagree then you just do but of course convo's run there course. For me though handheld games are simply games, handheld systems are simply game systems so they can be compared to other game systems and games and my personal view (you can disagree here if you want) is that graphics don't evolve games, this is then true across all gaming. Why is it true? Because in my opinion it's the processing power that does all the work and graphics are not an evolution. I feel I tried to answer your question simply coming from the view that games are games. Regardless of touch screen etc. (as the Wii U shows consoles can have touch screens with stylus use and what not too) and I don't make that same distinction you do. Bare in mind while I did use the word handheld (in response to someone stating it was the evolution of handhelds) that was just bad wording as like I said I feel no games are evolved by graphics. The issue is just miscommunication (I often have bad choice of wording) and having different ideas that we're arguing from the bases of. Clearly I don't have much of a distinction between handheld and other games systems and you might, I felt it appropriate therefore to give examples not in the handheld side but across all gaming as I believe it was apt across the board. Anyway that's that, I feel I've answered it now.

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@Sigil-otaku continued...if you limit yourself to the "evolution of handhelds" (which is what your original post did) and not the evolution of games in general than you should only use handhelds to defend your point because otherwise your just bringing in examples that again are not specific enough to support your argument. Being ignorant is also not realizing the fact that different markets evolve differently, hence why I had such a big problem that you tried to use the evolution of one market as an example of the evolution of the other. Would a touch screen on a PS3 really change the way you play the game if your PS3 just sits in the corner while you use a controller to play the game? No, not really. Does a touch screen on a handheld change things? Well yes it changes things quite a bit and hence an example of why you cannot argue their evolution is the same. The fact is had you simply said something like a touch screen is an example of how a handheld can evolve without graphics I would have agreed with you. To be honest I believe that there is much more to games than just graphics which is why my favorite game of all time is still UT2004 which has garbage graphics compared to current games. The whole reason I went on this graphics tangent was because I wanted to see if you could actually support your argument about handhelds by using a handheld example and in the process realize how your first post had limited your argument to just arguing about handhelds.

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@Sigil-otaku "That's just ignorance as your choosing to ignore valid comparisons based on nothing other than the handheld market isn't exactly the same market (well duh)." Well if it is that obvious why has it taken you so long to argue about a handheld? Your original post was NOT about the field of gaming. You only focused in on a sub level of gaming: the handheld, and thats what I had a problem with. If you want to talk about cars, your original argument of using the PC to explain the evolution of handhelds is like saying that 'Cars evolve by what is under the hood.... So let me demonstrate by using a plane, or a boat, or a train as an example because these are all methods of transportation therefore that makes my argument valid.' The point is you can prove that the evolution of a plane follows a certain pattern, but since a car and a plane are not the same exact thing you cannot use that evolution to argue about the evolution of cars. Like you specified, "no game evolves through graphics"? Interesting because I saw nothing of that in your original post which is why I had a problem with it in the first place. Ignorance is not accepting that your original argument was flawed because you completely limited what you were arguing. Yes now you have finally gotten to a great argument about processing power in handhelds but the point is thats not what your original post was about. I agree that you can compare other systems when talking about gaming in general but...

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@fantom513 Part 2 Processing power generally dictates what a console / handheld can do, hence why wii isn't running as complex games as the PS3 with just less polygons. You need a proper processing power to handle new games, shinier graphics doesn't change games. Even graphical effects require processing power such as dynamic lighting, that wouldn't be possible on a handheld before and it's only a graphical 'effect' but it's partly graphical and hence why I used it. Anyway I don't see why you think graphics evolve anything when more polygons doesn't change anything but the appearance and processing power and application of this power to different things is what actually evolves as graphics don't 'evolve' anything. Unless your idea of evolution is simply the natural progression of increased polygons rather than processing power opening up the possibility for gaming evolutions like 3D, hundreds of on screen enemies, more power for advanced AI, the ability to render hundreds of graphical effects etc. You see how the DS couldn't mimic console like gaming but NGP and 3DS can merely by having more processing power? Graphics are a natural progression, not an evolution because they don't change anything. Graphics don't change gameplay and evolution is about change, hence why simple enough graphics aren't the evolution of handhelds. I'll try and meet you half way, I think graphics are a good thing and consoles, handhelds etc. have evolved somewhat by having better graphics but we've been on a constant graphical increase for so many years that I believe it's more a natural progression than an evolution but if you think the increased graphics are an evolution then I can see that and I think neither of us are wrong it just depends on if you see it as an evolution or not.

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@fantom513 Part 1 How do valid comparisons in the exact same field (gaming) both of which came to the same conclusion somehow have absolutely no basis? That's just ignorance as your choosing to ignore valid comparisons based on nothing other than the handheld market isn't exactly the same market (well duh). Like I specified, no game evolves through graphics, it is processing power that matters. When there was enough processing power to allow thousands of characters to fight in one area RTS were born, when the processing was powerful enough to allow the shift from rendering 2D to 3D the gaming world evolved again. Graphics are a coat of paint on the real evolution and that's simply what your missing. You can paint a car 300 times and do it better every time but it'll be the same car, you have to change what's under the hood to evolve the car. If your this obsessed with me proving the statement (the reason it wasn't proved because I mainly misunderstood what you was after so wasn't responding to it directly) then it's simply put in that explanation about the car. No game evolves through graphics alone as graphics aren't what games are made of at the core, they are just the visual aspect and it's processing power that properly evolves and opens up gaming to new layers. Let me give you more examples.

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@ShadowofSonic Thats all I wanted to hear...

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@Sigil-otaku Your right it just makes your argument completely flawed and useless. The fact is yes in the business world people can compare similar products but they do not limit themselves to one specific field. The point is you made a specific argument, NOT a general one, then failed to use any specific evidence that relates to your argument. If you want to prove handheld gaming does not evolve by graphics try using a handheld device as an example. Again a PC is not a handheld and I have no idea why you continue bickering about it as if it makes your argument stronger. In fact, it just makes it seem as though you cannot prove your original statement. Furthermore your are trying to bring in the evolution of warriors to somehow prove your point which again has absolutely nothing to do with your argument. I am not ignoring the gaming world otherwise I would not point out why a PC is a poor choice to use as an example even when arguing gaming in general because its much different than a console. As far as the Wii winning in sales you seem to forget the fact that it was a much cheaper alternative to the PS3 and the xbox360 when they all first started and so of course the Wii would win out in sales. More sales does not = best available product. Maybe you need a Business 101 and an Econ 101 course as well. If you can't afford the book I'm sure you could simply rent it at your local library because once you read it I might actually be able to take you somewhat seriously

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@fantom513 That doesn't make it nonsensical in any way. People in business look at other parts of the business world and the same with sports and most things because they are largely similar. I mean if you look at consoles the Wii (and every low graphics console) has ended up winning in sales too showing another example but of course ignore the gaming world twice in a gaming debate to suit your argument :/ Simple enough you can compare samurai to knights even if they were different kinds of warriors. Evolution is generally in adapting, hence why warriors learned to adapt to fight others, businesses take on good business practice from ANY side of business that can work for them, consoles are becoming more like PC's and handhelds are mimicing console gameplay to adapt. I agree graphics can set them apart but that still doesn't account for anything as now your going off tangent in your remarks and need that 'for dummies book' yourself as that wasn't even my point. My point was that it doesn't evolve handhelds which it doesn't as processing power is the real evolution of any system and not graphics regardless of the appeal of graphics towards customers. You've lost sight of my argument on what evolved handhelds and started ranting on about what appeals to customers so read some of that book please.

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nintendo will react to the price of ngp yoiu just watch ,,

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boring , sony , why did they price this only 50 less on the wifi only version i call lame move on that, because it wont be worth it , , and i dont know if i want a t and t as the freaking mobile network, why dont they just use any mobile network , huh i sure aint goin back to at & t after they charge me for stuff i never did then they raise the bill ya , no thanks ill wait til i see games like 007 gta driver , on ngp , i may pick up one but it will be a while before i pick up a game for it if the psp lineup in the usa is anything to go by i say sony shot them selfs in the foot just by releasing in nov with nintendo having built a library of 3ds games , they are sure gonna hurt they should take some more time and get promising games like those listed , call of duty ya ok , like i said activision better release a 007 game for it and the 3ds, cause i hate cod now,

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Could just use the wifi to replace the hdmi port, send the info via that to the ps3 and boom, you got your picture on yer tele... but like people are saying if the game plays on the ps3 as well, just use your ps3, lol.

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It sounds pretty cool, but I'm not that into handheld games anymore.

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Why concerned about a HDMI output? This is supposed to be a portable machine. You want HDMI, use your PS3....

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with that hardware it should be capable of a hdmi output :(

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@Knoflook ,I was talking about the game sales,not systems.I didnt make that clear. @shadow655 the term ''fanboy'' doesn't even make sense,my little sony fanboy. And I have a DS and a PSP and love them both.I love the 3DS,and I am also looking forward to the NGP. I'm allowed to like both.

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HOW much does an IPAD cost?? I just wish the screen size was 6 or 7 inches. With android apps, touch screen, gps, ... I would pay less than an Ipad but if it is worth it then it is worth it. They should not sell if for a loss and I do not think they will. $300 - $400 is fine an Ipad is $500 with NGP being a LOT more powerful. quick spec comparison A5 duel core A91 ghz to NGP QUAD CORE A9. Graphics Duel core PowerVR SGX543MP2 to NGP SGX543MP4+ (QUAD CORE) !

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Sony looks to be headed in the right direction this time.The PSP was too much of an under-used PS2 clone. The DS got LOADS of great content available only on it,so it was worth the buy.3DS looks to be the same way.If the NGP gets good original titles that interest me,and it isn't too pricey,I may pick one up.Time shall tell.

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Would be cool if NGP could double up as controller for PS3.

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I'm excited. Like I've said before though, "If it's over $250 then it's DOA."

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the PSP NGP is going to cost $300, how do i know you ask? i ask gamestop and they have it on there computer system already.

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so if this is like the ps3 then why should I get a ps3 I should just get the NGP and save my money.

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@fantom513 The PC argument is valid as it's a look at other parts of the gaming world. Like I said graphics aren't the only thing people want and whereas older handhelds were limited in what they could do newer ones (even PSP) could handle 3D action games (god of war and Metal Gear etc.) just fine so I don't see how this is evolving the handheld industry is all. They could have just as easily gone for 3D to try and get in on the craze, after all it is quite popular and the current trend in movies and gaming with Sony going for it too. 3D isn't just a matter of realism = success as it has some nice visual effect but a lot of people don't actually like the current 3D trend which should be impossible if your whole argument is realism and graphics are the main / sole factor in evolution of gaming / media. I think you missed the main option, 'games'. That's the problem I tend to get when arguing with graphics whores (not saying you are one) they forget the games and believe the system with the best graphics will be the best overall before judging if it will have the games they want. I could prove processing power is more important to games evolution than graphics and the addition of game mechanics but it'd be a long and boring post so I'll leave it. Just look at games like metroid on the nes and metroid on the gamecube / wii and you'll notice it's not a graphical overhaul but a huge amount of increased processing power and 3D worlds that made the real change. Not graphics.

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@ShadowofSonic, thats not a hard fact. PSP sold over 70 million to date, while ds sold 125 million to date. Thats a hard fact. PSP is more expensive and more for adults, while DS is less expensive and more for kids. Goes toe show who the real fanboy here is.. And that from someone who doesn't own a DS nor a PSP.

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So female pregnancy check device SONY NGP is finally out?

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holy crap its like a PS3, only handheld!

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Whats with everyone starting this pointless 3DS vs NGP war. Its starting to go from being a fun little consol thing to a FANBOY WAR! I mean sure I like the 3DS but u guys have to stop rating the NGP like it sucks WHEN IT DIDNT EVEN COME OUT! When the consol comes out than people can start there pointless little wars about it but for now can we all just shut up about this. Thank you.

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Looking forward to this I'll be picking it up on launch day hope it's not too dear though. The next couple of years I'll playing this and my 3ds!

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LOL at the very first comment ....never seen so many dislikes in my life !!

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Too bad about the no HDMI output.

Avatar image for ProdjectAUSM

The PSP graphics scaling with the filters and shaders might look nice, but I hope they have a 1:1 viewing mode. I miss the crisp pixels on the 3DS playing DS games. I get ant-aliased smudges instead of clean graphics. I do not care for the interface, it just looks like it's geared to be more "user-friendly" or attracting to casual gamers or avid smartphone users. I enjoy the PS3 and PSP interface for it's clean and simple design, rather then some bubbly mess. It has a more minimalistic and functional feel with a touch from an artist, and the NGP has a bunch of multi-colored clashing icons. I do hope they do something about this. The other functions like the gyroscope though, I'm not looking forward to. Typical launch games, they'll try to implement it. I just want to sit in one place and enjoy some games, not stand up and wave the NGP around and make myself look like a dumbass. What if I'm on the bus? Does that mean I can't play the game? The same thing that the Wii suffered from. Although Sony has their priorities straight in terms of gaming, so I'm not as worried, but it will still plague launch games. Other then that, it looks like a solid device, and I look forward to it. The only thing I would change is add a USB port for flash storage and accessories, but I understand that this will lead to vulnerabilities and ultimately be a bad decision for business (but srsly, why don't even tablets have USB ports?).

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At gamestop you can reserve the Ngp. But as much as i would like to reserve it, I don't want to take the risk on buying it and then bring it back to the store due to malfunctions like when the ps3 first came out. since the Ngp is like having a ipod and ps3 put together is kind of risky, well at least the first few models. What do you guys suggest?

Avatar image for blazinciber

thumbs up if you have all 3 Playstation systems and one PSP.

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@ShadowofSonic Its u again... Nintendo fanboys can hate my comments all they what but its the truth! Sonys makes the best systems we've seen this time and time again... Also why r u and so many other Nintendo fanboys even on the NGP page anyways?

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Cant Wait!!! =P

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Very beautiful. :D

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@shadowofsonic sales do not equal quality or talent in anyway shape or form. Look at Cod, lil wayne, or apple products. There are alot of better things out compared to all of them, they are just more mainstreame and known about by a larger percent of the population. I can build a much more open/personalizable and technically better windows PC then a macbook. Many underground artists are lyricaly better/meaninful and can freestyle better than lil wayne. Battlefield is a much more realistic and larger experience than CoD. The psp is technicaly superior to the ds, you cant dispute that, but the DS is the popular system to have, mostly with younger kids. The psp is also a multimedia system, i can put my music and movies and browse the internet with it, opposed to what the ds was and still is. This looks like it will be a great system if they can deliver on the games.

Avatar image for Aristowi

I am pretty excited about this, and knowing that I can play PSP games and they claim that they will look better is a relief to me. I love the PSP library.

Avatar image for diggyman

Yes. I'll be buying that... along with some glass cleaner. I see smudges in my future.

Avatar image for ShadowofSonic

@shadow655 typical fanboy. The DS outsold the PSP: 5 to 1. Hard facts.Dont blurt out stuff like the PSP is better.

Avatar image for megakick

skimmed the article I don't see any specs.

Avatar image for MADDjoe

What's being said about the NGP is good so far, but it did take the PSP-3000 to finally nail a good PSP system (I won't talk about the GO; never happened). For those trying to compare the 3DS to NGP - you can't. Their 2 totally different systems, and they are targeted differently. So compare it to the original PSP. My biggest worry is games (just like the PS3). It took awhile for the games get get rolling out; which I why I buy a gaming system in the first place. You can up the Specs all you want, but until they start giving more games and release dates. I won't get my hopes up.

Avatar image for shadow655

@bloodwolf666XD Sorry but this is going to be better than 3ds! Not saying it as a fanboy but from obvious logic and from the info they already gave us... Just like how the psp was better than ds! The NGP will follow the same format... Also they learnt from the mistakes of the psp and made a solid system right from the get go! AND THEN SOME!!!

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Im so pumped for this to come out as a hockey nerd, cuz with two analog sticks they are for d*** sure gonna put NHL on this system!

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@Sigil-otaku HINT: If you actually want to have a decent and logical argument about the evolution of "handheld gaming" don't try to use a non handheld device such as a PC for part of your argument. Likewise trying to argue PC gaming to console gaming is like arguing apples to oranges. They both evolve in separate ways because they are two totally different experiences. The reason console gaming is more popular is because its cheaper and more accessible (its way easier to sit on a couch and play PS3 on a 50 inch LCD tv than it is to try and hook up your PC to the tv and then somehow use a mouse and keyboard on the couch). As it is there is not a big graphics difference between a PS3 or xbox360 to a PC in comparison to a PS3 and a PS2. The fact of the matter is that gaming in general evolves mostly by graphics. Features are nice too but better graphics are all about having better visuals which in turn makes the gaming experience look more real. The more realistic the game the more interest drawn from the general consumer. If handheld gaming wasn't defined mostly by this then why would Nintendo even bother to make a 3D version of the DS? 3D is more realistic and thats what the whole marketing is behind the device that makes it sell. The 3DS and the NGP are both handhelds so they have the same accessibility and are fairly close "tech wise" as you said so as far as I'm concerned what it really comes down to is price, graphics, and of course fanboys.

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An important question: How LONG will the battery of the NGP last with full charge? 8)

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I like thexmb alot more but i understand why they changed the menu for the touch screen