Sony Made Real Platinum Trophies For An Australian Contest

Aussie gamers have a chance to win one of just four physical Platinum trophies.


Earning Platinum Trophies in PlayStation games is a challenging and rewarding experience. Today, Sony announced a new Platinum-themed promotion, and the prize is an actual, real-world Platinum trophy--but it's extremely limited and only available in Australia.

The PlayStation Plus Platinum Hunters campaign challenges players to earn the Platinum trophy (which you do by completing all tasks in a particular game) in a specific game. You then have to take a screenshot and upload to Facebook or Twitter and tagging @PlayStationAU. You also have to use the #PlusPlatinumHunters hashtag.

Do all of that and you'll have a chance to win one of four Platinum trophies that Sony made for this campaign. The first game in the promotion is FIFA 18, which launches through early access on September 26. Other games in the program include Gran Turismo Sport (October 18), Call of Duty: WWII (November 3), and one more to be announced later.

You can see the full Terms & Conditions for the PlayStation Plus Platinum Hunters promotion here. Check out images of the trophy below and in the video above.

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Watch at least one of these trophies be sold on Ebay.....

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Considering Platinum is worth more than gold, I seriously doubt its actually made of platinum, probably not even made out of silver either, because that would also be ridiculous expensive given how heavy it looks.

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Does it go *bling* every time you walk by?

Avatar image for kami_amaya

Would buy one. Quick, someone make one for shapeways!

EDIT: Now I'm imagining one made of glass. That'd be cool.

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so is the trophy physically made from platinum?? cus if so that'd cool as all hell......

i'm not a big trophy hunter though.....I collect em but more cus that's how games are made and not cus I'm actively seeking em out but I do look at em and many games are very meh on the little artwork for em, some are actually pretty cool but every once and awhile a challenge comes up where it's lie ok that was cool....<very rare though....

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That is both cool and lame.

Cool cause it's a real Platinum trophy.

Lame cause i can't put it on my PSN profile count.

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One of the greatest feelings in the world is when you get a ultra rare trophy, you have gone to a point in the game where very few gamers are able to go, you are now the king of hardcore gamers.

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Is the 4th trophy going to be for a GOOD game?

Suggestion: God of War.

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I don't know what FIFA trophies are like, but good job it isn't PES, as you would need to play a lot to get a platinum.

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That's pretty cool!

Avatar image for RicanV

It's beautiful. *Sheds tear*

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Gives people new incentive to go for those platinums now. Too bad its just for those specific games but on the flip side that's a great marketing move.


Avatar image for MJ12-Conspiracy

@videogameninja: IDK, it's a cool looking thing but I gave up hunting a long time ago.....

>Trophy scorner conspiracy approved<

lolz, sorry

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I have 40 platinum trophies (but don't live in Australia). So could I tweet 40 times? lmao.

Edit: Nevermind didn't realise it was specific games derp. The first game is FIFA though jesus I mean I have the bloodborne & DS3 platinums but fifa jesus

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@gamingdevil800: all the games are horrible to platinum but at least now people who hate trophy hunters can't say it's meaningless now lol

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@huyi12: it's meaningless......well meaningless but meaningful but kinda meaningless...<don't ask, it's a vicious circle lolz