Sony Loses Bid to Dismiss Killzone Resolution Lawsuit

Judge rejects several of Sony's counter-arguments against complaint that Shadow Fall's multiplayer resolution is not 1080p.


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Sony has lost its bid to dismiss a class-action lawsuit that accuses the company of embellishing the graphical standards of Killzone: Shadow Fall.

The PlayStation 4 launch game was advertised to render multiplayer in a 1080p resolution, but the final version did not quite achieve this, spurring one customer to sue and seek reimbursement.

In response, Sony's legal council sought to dismiss the case, based on a number of arguments. But on Tuesday, US District Judge Edward Chen denied all but one of the counter-claims, meaning the lawsuit can still proceed. According to details published by Courthouse News, the complaint against Sony needs to be slightly amended before moving forward.

In March, analysis by Digital Foundry showed that Killzone: Shadow Fall's multiplayer renders at an upscaled 960x1080 resolution, as opposed to a native 1920x1080 resolution.

The lawsuit's chief plaintiff, Douglas Ladore, claimed in August that "gamers quickly noticed and complained that Killzone's multiplayer graphics were blurry to the point of distraction."

Judge Chen, looking over Sony's response, rejected the majority of counter-arguments because they "either ignore important factual allegations... or they require this court to construe the complaint in the light most favorable to Sony".

However, the Judge did uphold one of Sony's arguments, meaning Ladore now has 30 days to file an amended complaint.

Killzone Shadow Fall shipped on the same day as the PS4's launch in North America. GameSpot's Shadow Fall review was somewhat favorable, though had some reservations.

"The basics are perfectly sound, at least," wrote critic Kevin VanOrd. "Shadow Fall's sense of weight doesn't match Killzone 2's, but its shooting and movement are exceptionally fluid."

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