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[UPDATE] site posts product page for sequel to 256-player military shooter; listed as releasing on January 25, 2011; Sony dismisses listing as "speculation."


In January, Sony Computer Entertainment released MAG, an ambitious online military shooter that will feature 256 players in a single game. The gaming giant had high hopes for the title, but when the NPD Group released the top US games of the month, the title ranked only 13th out of 20--hardly a runaway hit.

If Wal-Mart is right, Sony is reloading the MAG franchise.
If Wal-Mart is right, Sony is reloading the MAG franchise.

Nevertheless, Sony appears to have been pleased enough with MAG's performance to commission a sequel, if a product listing on is to be believed. The megaretailer is listing the game as arriving on January 25, 2011--almost exactly one year after the first game went on sale.

Other than denoting that the game will be for the PlayStation 3 and costs $59.82 under Wal-Mart's lowest-pricing system, the page has no other information. [UPDATE] However, Sony shot down the listing with the following statement: "Walmart posted incorrect info, we have made no announcements nor have we provided them with information on this. Anything they posted would be based on speculation."

Developed by former SOCOM specialty studio Zipper Interactive, MAG boasts the aforementioned massive-scale multiplayer battles. Each player assumes a different rank on each side, viewing the battlefield according to his or her station. Commanders see the action from a top-down view from which they can direct lower-level soldiers, who see from a first-person POV on the front lines.

For more information, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of MAG or the video review below.

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