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Sony launches role-playing EverQuest server

Firona Vie, the new server, will feature a new set of rules designed to help players focus on classic role-playing.


Sony Online has announced the launch of Firona Vie, its new role-playing server for EverQuest. The new server will feature a strict set of rules designed to encourage players to focus on classic role-playing. Since its launch in 1999, EverQuest has focused primarily on player-vs.-environment gameplay, with some players opting to use the four player-vs.-player servers.

The Firona Vie server uses a new alignment system that lets players select an alignment when they create their character, and they can switch alignments at a later level. A character's alignment will determine a number of things, including whether the character is able to group with another character or cast beneficial spells on another character. To further emphasize the differences between characters, the new rules remove the common language, so players are forced to use emotes or language skills in order to communicate with characters of different races. In addition, the server will feature shorter shout ranges and limited auction areas, and players will be limited to only one character per account.

EverQuest is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in a fantasy world. The game, which was developed by Verant Interactive, was first released in 1999. Two expansion packs for the game, EverQuest and EverQuest , have been released since that time. A compilation, 2812858EverQuest: Trilogy , was recently released as well. A third expansion pack, EverQuest , is scheduled for release in November.

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