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Sony Is Making It Harder To Buy Digital PS3 And Vita Content On October 27

Sony reversed its decision to shut down the digital storefronts earlier this year but now it's getting rid of payment options.


Sony has announced that starting on October 27, users can no longer use credit or debit cards, as well as payment methods such as PayPal, in order to purchase digital content or add funds to the PlayStation Store on PlayStation 3 or PS Vita systems.

If users want to continue purchasing PS3 and Vita digital content, then sufficient funds need to be added to their accounts in other ways. PlayStation Store gift cards are one example. Additionally, credit or debit cards and systems like PayPal will still work on desktop, mobile, PS4, and PS5 versions of the PlayStation Store, so users can add funds through those and then subsequently use them to purchase digital content on PS3 and Vita.

If certain games have an in-game store, content such as DLC is still purchasable through them, but users will still need to pay using wallet funds on the PlayStation Store.

While this situation applies to all regions, it will impact Japan's users in another way. In Japan, games with the CERO Z rating (meaning that they are suitable for age 18 and up) on digital platforms require a credit card to verify a customer's age. The Japanese version of the support page confirms that after this store update, users will not be able to purchase CERO Z games. Fortunately, DLC for CERO Z games will still be available for purchase and already purchased content will continue to be available for download.

Sony is winding down support for its legacy content. Earlier this year, Sony announced that it would be closing down its PS3, Vita, and PSP digital storefronts. However, Sony eventually reversed part of its decision after the announcement's backlash. The PS3 and Vita stores would remain online for the time being but the PSP storefront closure went as planned.

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