Sony inviting gamers to 'see the future' February 20

PlayStation maker releases teaser video for event next month.


Sony is inviting gamers to "see the future" next month. The PlayStation maker has released a 45-second teaser video (embedded below) suggesting the company will make a significant announcement on February 20 at 6 p.m. EDT. The "PlayStation Meeting" will be taking place in New York, according to an invite sent to GameSpot by Sony.

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The teaser video does not share any concrete information as to what may be divulged at the event. A previous report suggested Sony would hold an Apple-style press event in March to unveil the PlayStation 4. It is not clear if this is the same event.

Analyst consensus is that the PS4, along with the Xbox 720, will be announced in the coming months and released during the back half of this year.

Speculation about the PS4 has run rampant. Previous and unconfirmed reports suggest the system may block, or in some way inhibit, users from playing secondhand games. Still other speculation suggests the console will introduce a new controller that could feature a rear touchpad and a Share button.

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