Sony hires Star Wars 1313 creative director

Dominic Robilliard joins SCEA working as a design director for new project.

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Sony has hired Star Wars 1313 creative director Dominic Robilliard, who has joined Sony Computer Entertainment America as a design director for an unspecified project. Robilliard's arrival at Sony comes after the closure of LucasArts last year, at which time it was believed that Star Wars 1313 had been canceled.

The news comes from Robilliard's LinkedIn page, which unfortunately does not provide any additional information pertaining to what he is now working on at SCEA or which studio specifically he is working for. Some options include Uncharted developer Naughty Dog, God of War outfit Sony Santa Monica, or Sony Bend.

We've reached out to Sony regarding Robilliard's employment status at the company.

Robilliard is no stranger to Sony, as he worked as a lead designer at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for a period of more than six years from 2001-2008. During his former run with Sony, he worked on franchises like The Getaway and the canceled PlayStation 3 game 8 Days.

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Avatar image for PlatinumPaladin

A man of unproven quality in my eyes, so not sure how excited I should be about this.

Avatar image for KeenoControl

Damn. I was hoping EA picked up the remaining staff from 1313 to help finish the game with members from Visceral Games.

Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

Was really looking forward to this game. Hopefully it will get picked up again.

Avatar image for JohnnyNeat

One of the best looking games ever dropped and I was seriously anticipating its awesomeness. Disney are fools for not pursuing it to completion. Good to see Dominic rebounded.

Avatar image for ffspyda

Still the best looking game never released on next gen, u can say all u want about crysis 3, NBA 2K14 on next gen and even upcoming witcher 3, this short clip simply just blows them out of the water

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The game was just like an uncharted...If yo know what I mean...

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Avatar image for pszone

good news just maybe do 8 days or another Gataway game .

Avatar image for CaptainHerlock

Hopefully it's a Syphon Filter game.

Avatar image for TERMINATOR-SSD

so when will we get our Move 1:1 motion StarWars Lightsaber game on PS4 :-P

Avatar image for zillaman101

I hate it when games that look good get canceled.

Avatar image for Bhemont

<< LINK REMOVED >> Looked good, yeah, probably would have been extremely linear though.

Avatar image for virtualskill

What a tragedy about 1313. LucasArts was a great company..

Avatar image for Nightelf123

<< LINK REMOVED >> it was a great company before 2008

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Coooooooooome on The Getaway 3!! :D