Sony Goes Ape: Screens Added

Sony Computer Entertainment America gets ready to release Ape Escape. New screens included.


Sony Computer Entertainment America just announced a new 3D platform game in development called Ape Escape. While it may sound like SCEA's answer to Donkey Kong, perhaps that's only insomuch as it's a character-driven title.

Ape Escape is an analog controller-based action-adventure game in which you'll round up a pack of renegade apes run amok from a crazy zoo laboratory. You are working against Spector, your archenemy. Naturally, these apes want to take over the world in a manner that's still somewhat far removed from a 12 Monkeys plot - they're just using time machines and other simian devices. But you, as young boy savior Spike, have your sky fly, a stun club, a time net, a hula hoop, a slingshot, your monkey radar, and other items to see you through.

The game has about 25 levels within eight worlds. Also in the game are minigames, maneuverable vehicles such as a rowboat and tank, and it's all dual shock analog controller-enabled (requiring both sticks while controlling vehicles).

The release date hasn't been announced, but watch for a full preview and screenshots soon.

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