Sony giving three free games with US PSP Go purchase

North American hardware bundle includes vouchers for Little Big Planet, Ratchet & Clank, SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3; Sony intros "Favorites" line of $10 games, adds more $20 Greatest Hits selections.


Earlier this week, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe stepped up its PSP Go promotional activities with the announcement that it would be giving away 10 free games to new purchasers of the system in Europe or the Middle East. Shortly after that program was announced, Sony Computer Entertainment America stepped up its own PSP Go efforts, though not to the same degree.

Sackboy is thrilled to have his PSP price lowered to $20 or free.
Sackboy is thrilled to have his PSP price lowered to $20 or free.

SCEA announced the PSP Go Digital Game Pack, a hardware bundle that includes the portable system and vouchers for three free downloadable games: Little Big Planet, Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, and SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3. The Digital Game Pack is now available at major North American retailers and will be on sale until March 31, 2011.

Sony's promotional efforts won't end there. The company also unveiled its PSP Favorites line, a selection of games it will sell for $10. Already included in the list are Patapon 2, Loco Roco 2, Hot Shots Golf Open Tee, and Twisted Metal: Head On, among others. The publisher said the Favorites collection will be expanding in the future with third-party titles like Manhunt 2, Justice League Heroes, Silent Hill: Origins, Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection, and "many more."

As for the system's existing budget line, the Greatest Hits catalog, that's going to keep growing as well. Sony added four more titles to the PSP Greatest Hits selection, each of which now sports a $20 price tag: Gran Turismo PSP, Little Big Planet, Resistance: Retribution, and Secret Agent Clank.

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@tekken220 Sony is even sending the vouchers to people that already own PSP GO's as well. So u might be getting an email yet!

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If I were to get a new psp go off of ebay, then register it, would I get the 3 free games? The psp go has never been opened but it has a little picture of rock band on the top right corner. Just curious if this promotion only works with the newest models in stores or if it can be any psp go as long as it hasn't been registered.

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Nah, I like my psp 2000. It has certain abilities that the psp go doesn't have. You know, like reading UMD's, and Memory Stick Pro Duos.

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Three games? how about ten with GTA: Vice City Stories and 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa (throw in MLB 10: The Show) now thats more of an enticement

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No thanks, I'm still using my FAT PSP, still works and hardly no scratches. I will take LBP for 20 though.

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haha running out of ideas of selling the disposable psp no thanks ill stick to my good psp 1000 just waiting to get MG green psp rather than that psp go thing :9

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Crap, I bought my Go too early :cry:

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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this reminds me of M$, buy 1 xbox, gets free 3 flashing red lights. and 3 weeks off from gaming

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I still like my PSP 2000, and if it ever breaks down on me....I'll buy another PSP 2000.

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@Venom341 It makes you wonder why the people are offering 3 free games, which would be about $100 just for the games, and not give the PSP Go a price drop? **************************************************************** That's exactly what I asked when they were offering the 10 games bundle previously. Why not lower the price to $179 (or even $149 since no one is buying it) and then tack on the 3 free games. That would be a better deal for most gamers. Seriously though, we all know a PSP2 is coming, so is it even worth spending any money on the PSP Go, when the PSP2 will be 10x's better? Even if the PSP Go was $99 I wouldn't buy it at this time. I'm happy with the original PSP and wait patiently for PSP2. I pray it will support the UMD's as well as downloadable games.

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@Loucetios, While that maybe be true, they're still not doing a very good job of replicating that success here in the States. The reason why the PSP actually does such a phenomenal job in Japan is not only b/c it's on home soil, but also b/c they take a lot more chances w/ making and releasing new and unique games there that unfortunately hardly ever get to see the light of day here. And sadly, Sony America is too stupid in terms of their PSP marketing and localizing dept. to realize the potential that some of these titles would have here if only given the chance. Same goes w/ limiting the model and/or type of colored models that we get or bundles. This article here is a fine example of squandering a perfect opportunity by making a dumb move--10 games for EU w/ PSP Go vs. 3 games (which you don't even really have choice of) for the US....c'mon now, and they expect this to help move more PSP Go units? Really?

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If they want to sell pspgo than lower the price

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Where the hell is VP Lenneth?

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Still completely and totally not worth what you pay.

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No "Dissidia"?

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Too little, too late. Drop the pspgo and move on.

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Keep trying!

Avatar image for MW2GhoST

maybe sony should forget about stupid gimicks and just LOWER THE PRICE!

Avatar image for tpeeple1

I know, I like the ummd's. Plus the controls are smaller than the psp. Still, if I have money for a go I'll just get and X box 360, same price.

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Still too FUGLY to consider buying one... especially with downloads only.

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You want to entice us to buy a PSP Go, Sony? System price drops work wonders for that. Did they learn nothing from the PS3 Slim?

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Whats weird is that you can download Patapon 2 for 8 bucks, but now their gonna raise it to 10???

Avatar image for chappy_man

bring down the price

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Ahh shoot, I was just about to buy the PSP Peace Walker bundle but now...... I will have to think about this even harder.... Aaargh why can't the Go play UMD?????

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The PSP GO needs a trophy system, like the PS3, and a nice price cut too. I mean, why not on the regular PSP? It's that cannot happen, correct me if I'm wrong but I believe it cannot happen on the regular PSP because the trophies system created too many vulnerabilities for pirates to get into the PSP 3000. Really sucks though because a PSP trophy system would have been an amazing feature on the PSP Go. I think the PSP GO still can't be pirated so I don't see why Sony can't do that for the PSP GO(and don't forget the price cut).

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Bundles are nice, price cuts can save. Lower the system cause there is no reason why it should be retailed at $250. 5 year old technology should not be this expensive and Sony has pulled just about all marketing support for it. The PSP line has been a commercial successful maybe time for a completely new system. PSP Go = Gameboy Micro

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@MADDjoe The 3000 doesn't have bluetooth, whereas with the PSPGo you can hook it up to your TV and use a DualShock 3 to play the games. You can also pause a game, play another game, and then go right back where you left off with the last game.

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why only 3 where europe gets 10? that's a bit unfair.

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the smell of desperation.... so sad.

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The PSP go wasn't needed. It failed out the gate. The PSP 3000 can do everything the psp go can do plus it plays download games and the disk games. What SOE should do is bring all the import games to the states to increase sales. People like lots of choices give it to them. I'm tired of video game makers and console makers thinking that americans or other countries wouldn't like a certain game or console design. Put it out and let the people decided.

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PSP Go should have been called PSP Fail. I dunno, someone come up with a solid acronym for that.

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I can still buy a PSP with 16gb memory card for the price of a PSP Go and the PSP has seen bundles as well. Come on Sony give me a deal. -_-

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NOW come out with more games that cost less. PSP2 can wait till 2014. More games more conection with PSN and more small under $10.00 dollar MINS.

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Is good for US gamers.

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not interesting...

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I feel bad for all the people who got the go a couple months ago... like me... should have just got another 3000 but no, everyone said Sony will support the go, just look at the weekly PSN updates! 3 themes and a mini or two! Now thats an update! /sarcastic tone

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and owners of the system don't get anything.

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Too bad you can't pick the games.

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This is a bad deal because a loaded PSP-3000 pack comes ratchet & clank already and many people already have both LittleBigPlanet and Socom FTB3 But I like the drop in price for a few games that is a great move by Sony

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Considering the psp is the top selling if not in the top 2 selling consoles week over week in Japan, this isn't desperation, they sell more than enough in Japan, they are just trying to copy that success in the American market

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They may seem desperate, but this also can mean that they are in the process of rebooting the psp system, and adjusting their software decisions. Seems like a double edge sword right now....lets just see what they say in E3. I am all for a reboot on the psp.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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yes,now its the time to buy a psp,and VidGamAnonymous the PSP doensn't suck

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So many mistakes were made with this thing. They need to drop the psp all-together and start with a new mobile device. I would suggest a beast. How about a smart phone, with 2 analogs, touch screen, a better processor than current psp's, 32 gigs of space, that I can buy at verizon or at&t? Then they could compete.

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The GO was a disaster, and is basically dead. This is just Sony clearing out their warehouses.

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