Sony giving gamers Cash Money

New PSP game from Sony Online Entertainment called Cash Money Chaos; arcade gameplay in game show setting coming early '07.


Cash Guns Chaos

When people think of game shows, most think of smarmy hosts, dinette sets, and questions that a 10-year-old could answer. When Sony Online Entertainment thinks of game shows, it thinks of killer gorillas, homicidal clowns, and, most importantly, chaos.

SOE today announced that it is developing Cash Money Chaos, an all-new intellectual property, for the PlayStation Portable. The action game is currently scheduled to hit stores in early 2007.

Cash Money Chaos sees gamers captured by an alien race, who host a twisted game show where the prizes are cash and survival. Instead of questions, the aliens fire off bizarre foes at competitors, including alien chickens, bloodthirsty ninjas, and mutant hillbillies. Instead of responding with answers, gamers will respond with various weapons.

The top-down shooter lets players move and blast away in 360 degrees, à la Smash TV. Gamers can also battle each other in eight-player versus mode or can team up in a group of four cooperatively. Those who would rather fight for money and the right to live another day solo can dip into two single-player modes.

Cash Money Chaos has not yet been rated and will retail for $29.99. For more information, check out the game's official Web site.

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