Sony Gamers' Day: Hands-onAuto Modellista

Capcom shows off a new version of its upcoming online driving game.


Capcom representatives were on hand at today's PlayStation 2 event to display a new version of the company's upcoming driving game, Auto Modellista. From the looks of things, the game is shaping up rather nicely.

As the main focus of Sony's event was the upcoming launch of the PlayStation 2 network adapter, the Auto Modellista demo focused on the game's online mode, which will let multiple players go head-to-head on a number of different tracks. The game was set up to play two-player games, and it ran as smoothly as you'd expect it to on a broadband connection. The vehicle movement was synced up very well between the two machines, though it seemed that there were a few instances when collisions between the cars looked a little odd.

New to this version of the game is the hand brake, which allows for powerslides. The game was originally thought to feature Ridge Racer-style powerslide mechanics, but now that we've actually been able to try this feature out, we can report that it feels slightly more simulation-like. The game doesn't have the sim-style physics of a Gran Turismo, but the physics aren't as exaggerated as those of a Ridge Racer game.

Capcom is hoping to make deals with American car manufacturers before the game is released this November, but none have been announced at this time. The company is also working on adding some European cars to the roster, and Capcom representatives talked about the possibility of featuring downloadable content support, which would let the company add cars to the game after its release.

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