Sony Flaunts PS4 Exclusive Destiny Mission

New trailer walks through the Dust Palace strike level; Sony clarifies that exclusivity period ends "Fall 2015".


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Sony has released a new trailer showcasing Destiny strike mission that will be exclusive on PlayStation 4 for a full year.

The mission, called Dust Palace, is set on Mars and can only be played by those who have reached level 18 in the game. The co-op mission tasks a trio of players to battle against a race called the Cabal, who are mining an ancient city in the search of a valuable technology.

Some of the Cabal's more dangerous soldiers include Centurions--burly field commanders who use jump jets--as well as the Psion Flayer, which is a more nimble enemy with advanced AI.

The mission also includes PS4-exclusive loot and gear to discover and collect. Sony has said the exclusivity period ends "Fall 2015".

A walkthrough trailer of the new level can be found above.

Publisher Activision has set the Destiny release date for September 9 across Europe and the US. The game will ship on PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

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