Sony Exec Defends That Very Violent The Last Of Us 2 Trailer

The Last of Us II is "a game made by adults to be played by adults.":

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The newest trailer for The Last of Us Part II that aired during Sony's briefing at Paris Games Week generated a lot of discussion over its level of violence. We saw an arm broken with a hammer. We saw people hanged. We saw an arrow through the face. It was unquestionably violent. Now, PlayStation executive Jim Ryan has responded to criticisms, saying in a new interview with The Telegraph that The Last of Us Part II "obviously is a game made by adults to be played by adults."

"I should never prejudge this but it will probably be rated 18, I think it's fair to say," Ryan explained. "And there's that market for those people who like that sort of game. Adults who like that sort of game. And I think we cater for that..."

Ryan went on to say that Sony's role as a platform-holder is to give developers a platform to showcase their games--whatever they might be. Sony does have a job to do what it can to ensure content is age-appropriate, he acknowledged. "I thought The Last of Us Part II was a great way to end the show and I feel very good about it," he said.

You can read the full interview here at The Telegraph.

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We don't know a huge amount about The Last of Us Part II so far, though developer Naughty Dog has already confirmed that Ellie, not Joel, is the primary playable character. We also know that the first game's director, Bruce Straley, is not returning to direct Part II. Aside from those details and the new trailer, all we've seen so far is the reveal trailer from PSX 2017.

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Naughty Dog deserves a praise for not backing down to the sensitive part of the market and sticking to their guns. A lot of apocaliptic games/movies nowadays are sugar coated in order for them to appeal to more people, in order to sell more. Mad respect for Naughty Dog for keeping it violent and brutal.

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Why should there be any issue with this. The trailer was violent, the game is probably going to be violent. Showing a game that is about violent actions without showing the violent actions would be a pretty deceptive trailer. If the issue was that the trailer was shown on a kids network then I could see the issue. It was shown at a video game show, not exactly an inappropriate place for a violent trailer.

Games should be allowed to be as violent as they want. They are games and nothing in them is real pure and simple. If someone wants to take a violent game and use it as a reason to shoot people in real life, they have an issue not the games. The game will be rated M, which means only adults should be playing it. Adults who should be able to seperate a game from reality. Just because we can enjoy and love a very violent game doesn't mean we would want to do those actions in real life.

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Was there actually any criticism, or was this just a ploy by Sony to create buzz?

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This always goes back to the root of Video Games. It started as an industry for fun entertainment. Something to do with the family. Then in the 80's Nintendo’s influence on the industry defined Video Games as something that was just for kids. The industry has been trying to escape that stigma since it began. We’ve come a long way, but sometimes that stigma rears it’s ugly head.

You have to ask yourself why in this day and age do we still have to be startled by violence in video games. No one questions the violence in a movie. What gets me is why do developers have to defend it or explain it. It should be the norm by now. Because the industry has matured and we’re all adults here. Let’s move on from this already.

Avatar image for richardcranium_

Glad they didn't apologize to these butthurt little snowflakes that are overly sensitive to a little violence. If you don't like it then don't buy it.

Avatar image for metzfest

People are too sensitive and dumb. 😂

Avatar image for hardcoregamer1

My video game should be bloody and violent there is no other way to do it, after seeing that trailer I will be preordering the game to show my support.

Avatar image for thomaswmak

Now where's games with sexual contents that are made for adults?

Avatar image for James_xeno


This. ^

Avatar image for Myxisbird

Good man that Sony exec.

Avatar image for justmo

My question is... what kind of game they think this is? The world, context, universe etc. of TLoU is a post-apocalyptic mess with zombie-like creatures exposing the violent nature of human kind... what the hell they want? Polite people fighting for their lives with tea and cookies?

What is next? People complaining about games that requires some common sense?...oh wait.

Avatar image for LostTraveler47

Do people not remember TLOU? You know... the game where people die left and right, are turned into hideous beasts, human enemies are all blood crazed, rapey psychotics, and you spend the entire last mission on a vengeful, murderous rampage to save your adoptive daughter from a likely fatal brain surgery? It's kind of violent.

Avatar image for CrusaderForever

Until the end of time will there be someone that is offended by something else. Just be glad we are still getting media/games like this.

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Too bad ND has become but a shell of its former self due to deliberately deciding to go down the road of SJW politics, and forcing it down gamers' throats!...

Avatar image for livedreamplay

@wastedxlama: Nobody's forcing anything down your throat, Druckmann openly explained that their personal politics will inevitabily be portraied into their games, if you don't want that, you can choose to not play the game. As simple as that.

Avatar image for wastedxlama

@livedreamplay: very true.

However, Druckmann's politics are not necessarily EVERYONE at ND's politics. Obviously, the vast majority are probably SUPER liberal... but how many are possibly centrist, or slightly right of center, but are afraid to say anything out of fear of losing their jobs and/or being ostracized by their colleagues? This is more common than you know. Look up James Damore

Avatar image for livedreamplay

@wastedxlama: This is perfectly normal. If Druckman would take every other 300 employees' views into consideration, then we will have a mish mash and nothing would make sense. He's the writer and director for a reason, if people have a problem with how or what he writes, and finds it offensive that their views don't align with his, then I'm sure they are free to resign and move onto a company where the views of the writers align with their views.

Avatar image for wastedxlama

@livedreamplay: Right, because everything is that simple. Remember Amy Hennig? Neil and Bruce forced her out. And she's a woman! Where were Neil's political beliefs then when the moment called for him to stand up and be a champion for women's rights? Oh, yeah... NOWHERE TO BE FOUND

Do you know how competitive the industry is? It's not as easy as saying, "hey, I don't agree with my boss... let me go work for Activision!" The entire industry, unfortunately, has become contaminated with overwhelming liberal bias and views. If these people so much as speak out, they're removed. And that stain follows them anywhere and everywhere they go. No one will want to hire them after that. Look at Hollywood as an example, and everything happening there now with the sexual abuse allegations. They are quite literally cannibalizing themselves

And look, many of these VG developers also have families. They don't have the luxury of just leaving their jobs because they don't agree with their boss, as you suggest. They're like, you know... ADULTS. And sometimes that means putting up with stuff you don't agree with.

This wasn't meant to be a personal attack on ND and Druckmann, but hey, welcome to the internet- where everyone has an opinion on everything and things almost always get taken out of context lol. I only meant to express my unhappiness with the direction in which ND has chosen to go with their games, that's all.

I'll take your advice, though, livedreamplay. This is me signing off now and not buying and/or playing any of their future titles haha. Thank you for the polite exchange and best of luck to you

Avatar image for livedreamplay

@wastedxlama: You must've forgotten your initial comment, nobody has a problem with you expressing your displeasure towards ND's direction, however in the comment you didn't say you were displeased, you said they're forcing their sjw agenda down our throats, which is simply not true. Does the game potray druckmann's political views? Yes it does. Are they being forced down your throat? No they aren't, because you can always (and I'm glad you took the advice here) walk away and not buy the game.

As for the employees that don't agree with druckmann, I don't agree with the decisions my boss has sometimes either, that doesn't mean that he should stop doing things the way he thinks or stop acting on his own views. He has his views, I have mine. If one day I decide that I can't work there anymore because of this difference then I will resign. And it won't be the company's fault that I resign, or my boss' fault, so I don't see why me finding it hard to get a job afterwards(or me having a family) has to affect them...

I'm glad I had this conversation with someone that's polite too. Have a great day, dude.

Avatar image for wastedxlama

@livedreamplay: You too, sir!

Avatar image for mboettcher

@wastedxlama: I must have missed that part, I was too busy swinging on a rope shooting dudes.

Avatar image for 129260

@wastedxlama: lol you nutjobs are insane.

Avatar image for wastedxlama

@129260: lol, maybe a little bit! But that's just, like, your opinion, man...

I'll leave you with this: many men throughout history who have devoted their lives to sharing and living their truths, have often been scolded by greater society and looked at as in insane. It is this quality that makes these men great! Open your mind, friend. Be well :)

Avatar image for baral-o

mortal kombat is 10 times more violent yet they have a problem with this?

Avatar image for mboettcher

@baral-o: Violence is always experienced in a tonal context. Mortal Kombat's violence is campy. TLOS violence is much more grounded in reality. Perhaps an even better parallel, when that fat guy explodes in "Monty Python's The Meaning of Life," it wasn't disturbing because it was a comedy, but when the same thing happens in "Se7en" it's more upsetting because the tone is more grounded in reality. I didn't have a problem with the trailer, I know what a TLOS game will entail, but that broken arm moment was "shocking."

Avatar image for craigtl

It boils down to trolls everyone. People that just like to complain and insult everything are just trolls. Nothing more.

Avatar image for livedreamplay

@craigtl: Trolls are doing it out of fun, those idiots are doing it due to messed up need of a sense of importance. If your life doesn't mean that much, you feel that by victimizing yourself you somehow give meaning to it.

Avatar image for craigtl

For The last of us I didnt think it was really that bad.

Avatar image for freeryu

He shouldn't have said anything. Nothing had to be sad, let em stay mad.

Avatar image for ThePlantain

The trailer triggered the libs badly lol

Even wanna-be comedian, Max Scoville at IGN decided to write an article...the guy’s useless when discussing games but ended up writing an article

Avatar image for henchman216

@ThePlantain: You mean like how Farcry 5 triggered conservatives showing they're nothing but blubbering crying snowflakes?

Avatar image for ThePlantain

@henchman216: Yes, and? I wasn't comparing reactions or taking a side...libs and conservatives are two sides of the same coin.

Avatar image for craigtl

@ThePlantain: Libs? By definition I would think a conservative would be the ones to object. Im not sure if people even know the difference anymore. People just like to scream Liberals because they heard other people do it. Historically it has always been conservative people that objected to explicit content.

Avatar image for ThePlantain

@craigtl: Polygon and IGN are all super left websites, and they were the ones that jumped on this with opinion pieces. I was thinking the same thing, that historically, conservatives were the ones getting triggered by stuff like this. I think the reason is because it involves women...can't have that!! They criticized the Detroit trailer as well because it depicted a domestic violence against a female.

Avatar image for craigtl

@ThePlantain: It just sucks, Im all for equality, so that automatically gives me the title of a liberal (I guess). But I also grew up on gangsta rap, I am a fan of these violent games, I am not easily offended and I cannot stand how this day in age people try to find reasons to be offended by something. I just dont know what happened to people. People suck, I want to start up a new group and be that.

Avatar image for ghost140

@ThePlantain: You are correct the very first article i saw was from Polygon and that lib was definitely mad that it was women/marginalized ppl being harmed not about the violence itself. If it was 3 CIS white males being harmed by a female it would probably been empowering to the author.

On an unrelated note sometimes i think i smell Polygon on this site i could be just getting paranoid though.

Avatar image for livedreamplay

Finally someone that's not giving in to the pressure made by the easily offended bitches of this generation. You don't want brutal? Then don't play the game! This is a ruthless postapocaliptic setting, of course things will be brutal. If you see movies or games of this type where things are less violent, it means they were altered so that kids or easily offended adults could play/see it, and it's not the way they're supposed to be.

Avatar image for spaced92

I like Naughty Dog but it was a pretty shit trailer. Nothing to get hyped for, it was just brutal and boring.

Avatar image for 3D3

lol this is pathetic, I can't believe they even have to defend this. So it's ok for God of War to show violence but not The Last of Us? What?

Avatar image for kaminobenimizu

@fraidso: A feminist's (crazy type) wet dream.

Read that glorious story!

Avatar image for craigtl

@fraidso: Wait, this article didnt even specify where the criticism came from it simply said criticism of the violent content. You went off the rail and you are not even sure if you hit the right target. In a way you are being just as sensitive if you think about it.

Avatar image for James_xeno


Go take a look at the lolygon "article" to see where this all came from and why. Pretty good for a laugh at least.

Avatar image for fraidso

@craigtl: Actually I was talking about this article in combination with the article from Polygon which someone linked in one of the first comments, which appears to be what most of the arguments are being based on and gaining momentum from. And even if I hadn't read that drivel, so what if I'm talking about something more specific than this particular story does. The fact that people are complaining and that Sony and Naughty Dog have felt the need/been pressured to respond in the first place, more than legitimises my comment as far as I am concerned.

P.S. Don't presume to know what I am thinking or assuming. YOU don't think I've hit the right target, but you don't know jacksh!t about my target in the first place. In a way, you commenting on this to whinge about the fact that I've made a more specific post than you think the article warrants means you're being just as sensitive as you think I am. (See, I can belittle and condescend to you too).

Avatar image for craigtl

@fraidso: I wasnt coming at you from a place of anger. This article didnt specify a group so I thought you jumped to a conclusion. Thats my bad. I wasnt trying to belittle you either, I simply thought that you expressed a lot of hate. I apologize for saying you were sensitive........ To be honest, I feel the same. People are trying to be offended over anything about nothing and its BS. I think its a power trip because they know the internet gives them a platform to get a reaction from someone and it makes them feel good to get that attention. So for real bro, I call truce.... my bad.

Avatar image for inebriantia

@craigtl: No, a lot of this topic is bc ppl were mad it was violence against women. There's more to the subject than was told in the article.

Avatar image for craigtl

@inebriantia: Shit is crazy, they dont like that, but the lifetime network is nothing but movies about women being in the most abusive situations they can think of and women love it. Men sure as hell don't watch that channel.

Avatar image for patsfan365

I forgot the 1st game wasn't violent. Pretty sure I imagined the part where joel pinned a guy to the ground and broke his arm hard enough for the bone to protrude from the skin, or immediately after when Tess shot the injured, helpless guy in the face. Or that part where Ellie rearranged David's face with a machete. or when Joel fell 2 stories and got a piece of rebar through his stomach.

All a fever dream.