Sony ends support for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

No additional characters will be released for the brawler; balance patch and free skins coming later this year.


Sony’s Santa Monica Studio has confirmed that it has ceased active development for mascot-driven fighting game PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

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The news, conveyed on the All-Stars blog, confirmed that no additional playable characters or background environments will be released for the game, but that previously exclusive DLC will be made available.

Starting on August 27, players will be able to get their hands on the formerly US-only pre-order skins for Dante, Raiden, Heihachi, and Big Daddy. A balance patch that will tweak player strength, weakness, and functionality is planned for later this year, and will coincide with free costumes for Zeus, as well as Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke.

The game’s new developer confirmed that it is currently exploring issues with title belts being incorrectly awarded, and moving forward, will reset leaderboards on a monthly basis, as well as introduce new community events.

The post also addressed recent rumours about Journey- and Gravity Rush-themed stages, as well as Legend of Dragoon character, Dart, saying that legal barriers may have stopped certain items being implemented in the game.

"In the course of any game's development, there are always elements that never quite get finished or the team decides not to use in the final game. Some of these additional materials from the game’s development phase have been recently released, but unfortunately, these are very far from finished assets and were not included in the final game for a number of production and legal reasons," the statement said.

In February this year, Sony severed ties with the game's original developer, SuperBot Entertainment, which saw the studio lay off part of its team.

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