Sony drops details on Genji

Samurai slasher from Yoshiki Okamoto announced for European PS2s; US version not announced yet.


Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today announced that Genji, the first PlayStation 2 game from Yoshiki Okamoto's new studio, Game Republic, will be coming to Europe and the UK. Okamoto is best known for being the creator of Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry. When asked for comment, an American Sony representative said, "At this time, there is no official announcement regarding Genji coming to the US." The Japanese version will be released in June.

SCEE also shed some light on the action game. Based on the Japanese legend of Genji, the game is a samurai-themed action title that puts players in either the role of Japanese hero Genkoru Yoshitsune or his sidekick Benkei. As one of the two characters, gamers will be challenged with restoring power back to the Genji dynasty by taking on the evil warlord Kiyomori.

There will be "combos, super moves, parries" as well as special abilities, such as the "mind's eye," which lets players slow time to aid in their evisceration of foes. The game's artificial intelligence was designed to mimic the martial arts choreography in films and was created in conjunction with Mitsuhiko Seike, one of Japan's top fight directors.

Keep your katanas sheathed, as GameSpot will have more on Genji soon.

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