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Sony Deletes Bloodborne Tweet That Caused Fans To Believe An Announcement Was Coming

Sorry, Bloodborne fans, it doesn't look like a sequel, remaster, or PC release is happening (yet).


Sony deleted a tweet about Bloodborne today in what seems like a mix-up and not necessarily a tease for a sequel, remaster, PC release, or anything else related to the franchise.

Earlier today, the official Sony Twitter account posted a tweet asking the account's 5.5 million followers to try to identify which PlayStation game cover it was referencing with a zoomed-in image. Fans very quickly identified the game cover as that of 2015's Bloodborne, and some took this to mean that Sony was hyping up some kind of Bloodborne-related announcement. Not long after the tweet went up, Sony pulled it down without any explanation.

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While news of a Bloodborne remaster or sequel would be very exciting, this probably wasn't that. After all, the tweet came from Sony and not the company's dedicated gaming division, PlayStation. The PlayStation Twitter account is historically the place for teasers and announcements about video games.

Not only that, but the PlayStation account has more than five times the number of followers (27.5 million) than the Sony account (5.5 million), so an announcement or tease on the PlayStation account would make more sense if the aim was to help spread the word far and wide. Additionally, the PlayStation account never reacted to the Sony tweet about Bloodborne.

A more likely scenario is that the social media team behind Sony's Twitter account saw an opportunity to create engagement and posted the tweet to achieve that. It succeeded, for sure, but probably not in the way that the company wanted. This probably explains why the tweet got yanked. You can view the original tweet below.

Bloodborne was developed by From Software and originally released for PS4 in 2015. Fans have been calling for a remaster or a sequel, or a release on PC, but as of yet, it hasn't happened. Sony owns the rights to Bloodborne, so whether or not any further entries in the series are made would presumably be decided by it and not From Software.

From Software's latest release, 2022's Elden Ring, is the year's best-selling game so far in the US. It is expected to be 2022's best-selling title overall in the US, even outselling Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. Given the immense sales success of Elden Ring, the seemingly more likely bet would be that From Software would make a sequel to Elden Ring before it made another Bloodborne game. But anything is possible, like the possibility that Sony could assign another studio to making more Bloodborne, as a hypothetical example.

Sony's next big game is God of War Ragnarok, which releases in November for PS5 and PS4.

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