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Sony confirms Wipeout for PS3

Futuristic racing sim series will be headed to the PlayStation 3, but no title or date yet.


Last June, job adverts were spotted on recruitment consultant Datascope's Web site for a lead designer position at Sony. The ad was marked "urgent," and said the job would be "to have a key role in realising future iterations of Wipeout on the PlayStation Portable and the PS3."

This would seem to be conclusive proof that Wipeout PS3 was coming, but Sony refused to make an official announcement regarding the property.

In an interview with Develop magazine, Sony Liverpool director Clemens Wangerin finally let the cat out the bag--Wipeout PS3 is definitely in development.

He said the game would use the Sixaxis controller and would "maybe" feature online and multiplayer content. A Sony spokesperson confirmed the title, and said, "We have nothing to add, but we will be making an announcement with more details in the near future."

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