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Sony Confirms Another Uncharted Movie Is Still Happening

Uncharted 2 is definitely happening according to Sony, but there are still questions about the sequel.


It's only been a little over two years since Sony's Uncharted movie brought the fan-favorite PlayStation games to the big screen, but the studio hasn't exactly been in a hurry to give the sequel a green light. Most of the updates about Uncharted 2 have been filled with uncertainty about whether the sequel would happen at all. Now, Sony has finally confirmed that another Uncharted movie is definitely going forward.

Via Variety, Sony’s President of International Distribution Steven O’Dell listed the Uncharted sequel as one of the studio's upcoming projects during a presentation at the CineEurope trade show. O'Dell didn't offer any further details beyond that. The first film featured Tom Holland in the leading role as Nathan Drake, with Mark Wahlberg as his mentor, Victor "Sully" Sullivan.

Wahlberg has spoken about the potential Uncharted sequel a few times since the original film's release. Late last year, Wahlberg mentioned that Sully will get to have his iconic moustache for the entire time in the sequel. In February, Wahlberg said that a script for the Uncharted sequel had been submitted, but he also noted that he hadn't read it yet.

Ruben Fleischer has previously indicated his interest in returning for Uncharted 2, but no deal with the director has been announced. It's also unclear if the Uncharted will move up the timeline from a prequel to the games to the contemporary story that introduces Nate's romantic partner, Elena Fisher. The ending of the first Uncharted also hinted at a larger role for Nathan's older brother, Sam.

Sony hasn't announced a date for the next Uncharted movie yet.

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