Sony commits $20 million to indie devs

Japanese game company expands its Pub Fund program with new three-year deal aimed at bulking up PSN lineup.


Sony has a strong track record of supporting some of the more out-there independent game projects through the PlayStation 3's PlayStation Network, having hosted such titles as Flow, Everyday Shooter, and Flower. Today, the Japanese game company revealed plans to continue that support, announcing a three-year plan to channel $20 million into the indie developer scene.

Papo & Yo is just one of Sony's investments.
Papo & Yo is just one of Sony's investments.

The new multimillion dollar investment is a continuation of Sony's Pub Fund program, which the publisher first announced at the 2009 Game Developers Conference. The program provides indie developers with game design and marketing aid, but the creators can set the price and maintain control of the intellectual property. Notably, these games must remain exclusive to the PSN.

The first game published under Sony's Pub Fund program was Burn, Zombie, Burn!, which arrived to a positive critical reception in 2009. A number of in-development projects are making use of the Pub Fund program, including Omni Labs' Eufloria, Handcircus' Okabu, Overkill Software's Payday: The Heist, and Minority's Papo & Yo.

Sony expects to have more announcements involving the Pub Fund program soon.

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