Sony Comments On PS4 Pro Sales And How They Compare To Slim Model

"The sales of Pro are stronger than that of Slim, as we see it."


Sales of the PlayStation 4 Pro are off to a solid start, apparently. Speaking today during Sony's latest earnings briefing, CFO Kenichiro Yoshida discussed how sales are coming along. Yoshida said sales are meeting or "maybe" exceeding expectations.

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"PS4 Pro is running as we had expected, as we assumed, but Pro maybe is doing more than we anticipated," he said (via DualShockers). The executive reportedly added that PlayStation VR had an impact on PS4 Pro sales, with people apparently wanting to pick up the more-powerful PS4 to use PSVR.

Also during the call, Yoshida said PS4 Pro is selling better than the Slim model. "The sales of Pro are stronger than that of Slim, as we see it," he said.

As for PSVR, Sony said sales of the virtual reality headset are "in line" with expectations. PlayStation executive Jim Ryan said Sony was expecting to sell "hundreds of thousands" of units at launch.

The $400 PSVR launched in October, with the $400 PS4 Pro going on sale in November. The new Slim model ($300) debuted in September. Earlier this week, Sony announced two new $500 PSVR bundles.

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