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Sony CES briefing recap

Check out the top-level takeaways from PS3 maker's appearance at Las Vegas electronics show; from Netflix and Music Unlimited on PS Vita to Play Memories Studio for PS3.


Given Sony's position as a global consumer electronics giant, the company had no shortage of new tech to tout at its Consumer Electronics Show address Monday night. Sony trotted out various executives to talk about computers, phones, tablets, cameras, HD, 3D, and even a bit of PlayStation 3.

Netflix! Netfliiiiiiiiix!
Netflix! Netfliiiiiiiiix!

As for the game-specific content, that was anchored by Sony's showing for the PlayStation Vita. Set for release in North America and Europe next month, the PS Vita has sold more than 500,000 units since its Japanese debut in December. Sony followed that stat up with announcements that it had sold 6.5 million systems across all its PlayStation brands over the holidays, including 3.9 million PS3s and 1.6 million PSPs.

Back to the Vita, Sony Corporation executive deputy president Kaz Hirai announced a pair of new services that might be in place for the system's Western launch. First up, Hirai confirmed Sony's own Music Unlimited service for launch, and then he added that video streaming service Netflix is aiming to have its app ready for the PS Vita debut as well.

As for the PS3, the console's presence was somewhat muted at the show, with the biggest news coming in the form of the Play Memories Online service, launching this spring. Play Memories Online will allow users to upload their photos and videos to the cloud. The PS3 will be integrated with the service through the Play Memories Studio, an application that puts a gaming slant on viewing, sharing, and editing photos.

Other announcements touched on Sony's gaming arm, with word of new PlayStation Certified mobile devices. Sony also touted its push for 4K resolution (which has four times the number of pixels as current high-definition resolutions) in consumer electronics, starting with a new 4K home theater projector. The company is also working on 4K-capable TVs and upscaling Blu-ray players.

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