Sony CEO Says Pokemon Go Is a "Game-Changer," Talks Company's Own Plans for Mobile

Kaz Hirai says Sony plans to "aggressively" get into mobile gaming; report also says PS4 Neo may launch this week.


Following its formation of a wholly owned subsidiary dedicated to making mobile games in March, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai has now spoken up to talk more about the PlayStation company's plans for smartphone games.

Hirai told the Financial Times (via Polygon) that Sony plans to "aggressively" get into mobile gaming. "It's quite a shift from being just a console-based business to being on mobile phones as well," he said.

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In talking about Sony's plans for mobile, the executive specifically cited Pokemon Go, which has been a breakout hit since its release in July.

"Pokemon Go is a real game-changer," Hirai added. "I'm very interested in the fact that it has the potential to really change the way people move, literally."

Hirai went on to say that Pokemon Go's implementation of augmented reality to make it look like Pokemon creatures are in the real world is a "great innovative idea that's going to lift all boats for the video game industry." He added that Sony would like to see AR components added to its games.

Sony announced its new mobile game division, ForwardWorks Corporation, in March and opened it on April 1. It was not an April Fools' joke. No specific games were announced, but in a statement, Sony said ForwardWorks will leverage PlayStation franchises and characters for this new effort. Right now, these games are planned for release in Japan and Asia only on iOS and Android devices; it's possible they'll be extended to the west in the future, but this was not announced. Hirai didn't share any new information in the Financial Times interview, only saying, "They'll be coming out with titles."

The report also mentioned that Sony is "expected" to launch its new, more powerful PS4 Neo this coming week. We hadn't previously heard about a release date for the system, which many expect will be officially announced during the PlayStation news briefing this coming Wednesday, September 7. A slimmed-down PS4 could also be announced during this event.

Read the full Financial Times story here. Keep checking back with GameSpot for more PlayStation news in the days ahead.

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I'd be shocked if the PS4 Neo came out this week. Most of these interviews end up being "miss-translated" I'm sure what Kaz actually said was something along the lines of Sony planned to unveil the PS4 Neo this week and that somehow got translated into it was being released this week.

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There is NO WAY in heck the PS4 Neo is launching this week! If it's launching this year, more than likely it will be in November. However, I'm pretty certain it's launching in 2017. We'll all know for sure tomorrow afternoon (3pm EST).

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Brace for another wave of insanity to hit the industry!

Man I'm sick of these stupid ideas coming from these corporations. Of course I also blame those who support such insanities.

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breaking: PS4 NEO quickly rebranded as "next gen mobile device" comes with backpack, and "uncharted go"

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There's a bright idea sony.......

Avatar image for ArabrockermanX

Don't chase the bubble...

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Use the earnings from mobile gamers to give the rest of your fans more value in their games? :D

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@TimmyDKJR: That never happens.

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@ArabrockermanX: A guy can dream :(

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This coming week?? ah No, I mean if that is true then we should have seen a leak how the console looks like by now. Granted the Slim was leaked and that has yet to have a firm release date so if the Neo is scheduled for released the upcoming week then someone should have posted something about it already.

Well I think Sony will release it alongside the PSVVR.

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Let's remember that Pokemon go was based off a franchise 20 years in the making. Right, Sony? Right? Calm down nah.

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Didn't Pokemon Go come out within a few months ago? Aren't they already reporting a massive loss in player base?

Avatar image for ArabrockermanX

@JackNief: Welcome to mobile games, where you make a billion dollars in about a years time before your game dies and everyone moves onto the next Angry Birds...

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heard they where launching around the time nx launches

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One of the worst games, I have ever seen and the worst pokemon game,is a game changer? Removable batteries in the dual shock controller. That would be a game changer.

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This is complete BS about the Neo maybe launching next week....I haven't read anywhere else on the internet about an imminent launch. Most sites think October or November.

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@scooby_dooo: it's been so secret that they could launch it for online sale only until stock can be delivered to retailers. Anything is possible if it can be conceived by the mind.

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@luis2113: Of course, anything is possible. They could even be really nice and mail all of their PSN account holders, Neo's for free. At least tomorrow we should know for sure. If it turns out to launch in October or November (even December), I'll come back here and upvote myself lol

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@luis2113: That's some deep comment, man.

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Pokemon Go was super popular when it first came out, but none of my friends who are very in to Pokemon still actually play it. I'm sure many people still play it, but many people's interest in it is going down already after just a couple of months.

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tearaway go - it already used ar .........

gravity rush go - follow the black things tap the weak spots - collect the gems for kat/ raven special move - she appears as a finisher move

go man sky - tap that rock

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I'm more interested in the reveal of NEO, i'm so curious about how it looks and the tech under the hood, it will be awesome if they release it this week.

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lol Right. Just another disaster in the making for Sony. Nothing to see here.

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@bdrtfm: Now, now. Be not sad.

I'm ok with this. Mobile games are a good bet. Fail, they lose little money (lots less than a AAA game). Succeed, they mint money, and that money lets Sony take gambles on other interesting AAA games.

I mean, I hear people mope about Madden being successful, and say "Silly EA, making Madden when they could be making more (whatever)." Well, there's no way that EA takes a big risk like Dragon Age: Origins or Mass Effect 1 or Titanfall unless they have the safety net of Madden.

So if this gives Sony the safety net to take real artistic, interesting, new IP risks? Bring it. I'm perfectly fine letting mobile finance my AAA habit.

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PLEASE people..... Nintendo was not the first for most things and they copied much of what they did, just like every company, if someone comes up with something that works well you can emulate it.

To set the record straight SONY'S EYE toy came A FEW YEARS ahead of Nintendo's Wand! It is still not important as Nintendo's belief in the concept propelled Sony to revamp their work on motion controls.

Also Sony has already used AR a few years ago. So is Nintendo copying Sony AGAIN? no, just like every company they saw something that would work well and decided to use it.

Now that Sony and other companies see that AR can be profitable there will be more games that use it. And if another company just happened to be first with AR Nintendo would have still come out with Pokemon after.

but this is the internet filled with adolescent fanboys......... its to be expected.

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Ah f*ck it. Can't wait for the day mobile games will crawl into a hole and burn forever.

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@macaque12: the same day when hell freezes over and keeps them there........

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Sony copying Nintendo again?

Avatar image for pops4657

@fanboyman: japanesse monkey see jananesse monkey do and gets more credit for it.then they call it innovation

Avatar image for Flyin3lvl

@fanboyman: sony has ar games on the vita ......... which came out how many years ago now ...... google

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@Flyin3lvl: I'm not trying to say Nintendo invented AR but Sony's CEO said Pokémon Go was the inspiration for this move, if that's not copying what is it?

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@fanboyman: i know, you didnt clam that - im just saying based on your original comment sony copy Nintendo well sony has ar games already - further point on sony phones there is a build in ar app called ""AR effect"" when taking photos can add dinos-comic style captions- ocean animals, masks and well the list does go on - the best way to describe it is the exact same when taking a picture with a pokemon but replace pikacu with the dino etc

so sony had ar for a long time- i just get the impression pokemon go pushed it more mainstream - but yes this time they are copying nintanic by going back into mobile phone games. one could say - they ""copied"" sony for ar - sony taking there ar and now ""copy"" nintanic or what ever that company that makes the ""game"" is called ......

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@fanboyman: Call it whatever you want but this is nothing new, this is how the industry push the envelope further, this is not restricted to Sony or the video games industry either.

EDIT: As an example Nintendo was basically the first to implement analog sticks on controllers, so by your logic Sony and MS should have never done the same? Same thing (but way less important) with the humble feature in controllers, etc...

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this is the worst sony pr comment i have seen in a very long time. everything i hate about the industry -- mobile games and pokemon go -- rolled up into one sentence. yuck. a terrible direction for sony to go in. what a waste of resources which could otherwise go into real games. sorry, but mobile games will never count as real games with such an incompetent touch control scheme. if sony or anyone for that matter manages to create some sort of controller shell add on for phones, then maybe i would take mobile gaming a bit more seriously. until then... not interested.

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@Xristophoros: Disagree. See comment above. I don't think this will take away resources from AAA. I think it'll give Sony a safety net of easy money with which to have a safety net for AAA. See above, Madden, that sort of thing. Really smart comment of mine above.

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@Xristophoros: agree

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Make a vita phone Sony.. and make PS1 -PS3 catalog available on your whatever phone store u want to call,,

I have the xperia play and the vita.. merge them together and it will work

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@kokakee: No it won't (maybe you're too young to remember the N-gage?) not enough people want a dedicated gaming phone for the foreseeable future to justify R&D cost.

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Hirai went on to say that Pokemon Go's implementation of augmented reality to make it look like Pokemon creatures are in the real world is a "great innovative idea that's going to lift all boats for the video game industry."

Question: have already a gaming device with a augment reality cam and function,the PS Vita!
Will you make new games for it?
Hirai : Whut? Vita what? Never heard of it!

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"The report also mentioned that Sony is 'expected' to launch its new, more powerful PS4 Neo this coming week." I didn't understand this last part, should I be expecting the PS4 Neo to go on sale this week?

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thaaaaank you so much for this

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Pokemon go only lives because of the nostalgia and brand value and its losing its player base rapidly. Hope sony can create a more sustainable player base when it goes mobile.

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sigh.... Pukeman Go to Hell, and all other garbage mobile "games". Sony and M$ please stay focused on consoles. Don't fail for the Nintendo trap. Oops fall. ;-)

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@wtf_666: To be fair to Microsoft they have their own Mobile operating system and they do produce mobile games for it. But that's obviously not going to be a massive focus as Windows Mobile is an absolute failure.