Sony brings designer fashion to PSP cases

Premium-priced PSP cases with fashion sense to be offered in Japan; pricey portable protectors cost as much as a 1GB Memory Stick.


TOKYO--In Japan, Sony Computer Entertainment is introducing artist-designed carrying cases for fashion-conscious PlayStation Portable owners who are willing to pay to be pretty. Today, the company announced three new designs in its PS Pictogram series, products designed by fashion moguls with the PlayStation's four button symbols as their main theme (triangle, square, circle, and X). Sony has collaborated in the past with a number of designers, including Porter and Yoshida, and they've created various PlayStation-designed products, such as wallets, T-shirts, and leather straps.

This time, Sony will release three carrying cases for the PSP, which are each designed by different fashion studios and boutiques; Kuntzel + Deygas (Paris, France), Surface to Air (New York), and Hideki Inaba (Tokyo). Each PSP carrying case will be offered for the price of 13,650 yen ($116) beginning April 30 at Sony's official shopping site. For photos of the carrying cases, check Sony's PS Pictogram series site.

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