Sony boss defends microtransactions

For Gran Turismo 6, president of Worldwide Studios says "the game is just offering an alternative path to busy people."

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Sony president of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida has spoken out to defend Gran Turismo 6's microtransactions.

"Read the posts, the game is just offering an alternative path to busy people," Yoshida said on Twitter. "Read reviews when they come out."

Yesterday, Sony confirmed final pricing details for the game's microtransactions, which will appear in the form of in-game credits that users can spend real-world money to purchase.

Yoshida claimed that microtransactions are not necessarily a "bad thing," though he said such systems could become problematic if implemented in a way that doesn't suit the player.

"Microtransaction per se is not a bad thing," he said. "How the game is designed around it could become a problem."

Gran Turismo 6's microtransactions are entirely optional; players can also unlock in-game credits through completing races and challenges as in past games. The racing game launches tomorrow, December 6, exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Keep your eyes peeled for GameSpot's official review, coming soon.

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