Sony announces Vita owners in the US and Europe will get three new games to play

Vita owners getting an action RPG, a JRPG, and a spruced up version of Soul Sacrifice, all from Sony's Japan studio.

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Sony's Japan studio has announced it will be bringing three of its upcoming Vita titles to the US and Europe.

Freedom Wars, which was announced for Japan last year, is the first. It's an action RPG set in a penal colony in the far future, where people are sentenced to prison for one million years for the crime of living. Up to eight players can take part online, with support for four-player ad-hoc play.

It'll be coming to Vita in 2014, and a new trailer for the game was also released:

Next up is Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines, a JRPG revolving around Japanese mythology, where players lead a clan seeking to lift a curse that's given its members a two year lifespan. The game sounds like it will span multiple generations, as you're charged with ensuring the clan's bloodline becomes more powerful with each new birth. There's no word of a release date.

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Finally, Soul Sacrifice Delta--a spruced up version of last year's monster-hunting title. The Delta version will bring new Archfiends, sorcerers, arenas, spells, and quests. Sony says the graphics have been spruced up, and that save data from the original Soul Sacrifice will carry over.

Soul Sacrifice Delta is due for release on May 14.

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