Sony announces Siren 2

The sequel to the PlayStation 2 horror game is set on a deserted Japanese island inhabited by the undead.


Forbidden Siren 2

TOKYO--Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that it will release a sequel to its survival horror game Siren. Currently being developed for release for the PlayStation 2 in 2005, Siren 2 will feature a cast of new characters set on a deserted island in Japan.

The survival horror game takes place on an island called Yami-jima. But 29 years before the game takes place, the underwater cable that supplied electricity to the island suddenly gets cut off, and all the inhabitants vanish without a trace. The game begins in the present, as the player's characters visit the deserted island for some unknown reason. When the clock strikes midnight, however, a siren goes off, and the natives from 29 years ago return as horrific, unhuman beings.

In addition to the walking undead from the original game, known as the "shibito," Siren 2 will feature new zombielike enemies called the "yamibito" (people of the darkness). The yamibito are stronger and more intelligent than the shibitos, but they also have a weakness against light. Aside from using flashlights and other items to ward off the enemies, the player must survive by using the "sightjacking" system from Siren, which allows the player to see through the eyes of enemies. Siren 2 will allow players to also use the sightjacking on animals. Some characters will have additional specialties in their sitejacking ability, such as being able to see into the past or the future.

SCE has opened a teaser Web site for Siren 2, which currently hosts a trailer for the game.

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