Sony announces PlayStation Vita TV

PS Vita TV will stream Vita, PSP, and original PlayStation games to your lounge room television; system can also work with PS4 Remote Play.


As part of its pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference held today, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia has announced a new piece of hardware that will allow owners to play PSP, original PlayStation, and PS Vita games directly on their televisions. The system will also work with PlayStation 4's Remote Play feature.

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Dubbed PlayStation Vita TV, the Apple TV-style device measures 6.5x10.5cm and connects to the television, with slots for players to insert their PS Vita game cards. The hardware will also beam games remotely to other televisions within the home, as well as work in conjunction with streaming video services such as Hulu.

The device will launch in Japan on November 14 for 9,480 yen (around $95) and will also be available in a bundle that includes a PS Vita TV, a DualShock 3 controller, and an 8GB Vita Memory Card. No worldwide release was confirmed. Check out the official trailer below (via GamesHQMedia).

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Finally a useful vita. I'm getting one of these for my psp games.

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What is this? A PSP VITA that is not portable? Why. Can you program with this if not it is not the OUYA.

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@megakick Because the bastards knew that people liked using the PSP with their tvs when they were using it at home, so when they created the Vita they left out that function on purpose so they could sell this later and make double the money.

How many of you actually play monster hunter in multiplayer outside of your houses? you may be able to play in wifi range with friends but playing online requires adhoc which requires a ps3, which beats the purpose of outdoors usage, meaning people will actually buy this for that reason.

Sony faggots win once again with their money extortion techniques. And to think after Sega crashed and burned i always rooted for Playstation.... One does not care to admit the mistakes of one's youth.

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@megakick "Can you program with this if it is not the OUYA." What the **** does this sentence even mean?

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I'll pass, thanks.

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god damnit japan, now I need this

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Hmm, THIS might turn out as a OUYA KILLER. 8-\

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this like the ouya done in the right way. Nice gadget

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I heard from somewhere that this will play PC Engine games.I hope that's true the PC engine is one of my all favourite consoles, although I already own one.

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I assume that there will eventually be a worldwide release for this, as handheld consoles like the 3DS and Vita are more popular in Japan than home consoles. Speaking of the Vita, this announcement seems to be an acknowledgment that the Vita is not going to be the success it's predecessor was (and forgot about even coming close to Nintendo in the portable game market). I do think that this PlayStation Vita Tv is vastly superior to the Ouya and other similar devices, and in the new emerging "micro console" market the Vita TV will win big. I might even get one of these in the future if it comes to the USA and it's only $100 (I'm more of a Nintendo fan more than anything, which says a lot).

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Interesting. Would be nice to see this stateside as well if it's successful in Japan.

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Hmmm...I might purchase this.

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So, this thing will allow me to play FF Tactics: War of the Lions on my big screen? SOLD!!!

Avatar image for kohle36

@WhiteStormy Valkyria Chronicles 2 HO!

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Okay so they announce a new Vita design that is worse than the original. Then they announce this Apple TV knockoff that makes having a Vita pointless? Seems like they are trying to kill their latest portable already.

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@svaubel it's got my money...this will allow me to stream ps4 to any tv i want as well as youtube, etc.

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@svaubel It encourages more software sales.

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@svaubel How does the vita become pointless. You can still play games on the GO. that is the point of the vita. With what little traveling I do do, i know i wont get much time to even play. and i dont have a job that would let me play. But there are a ton of games i have been curious about, that i can play and only put up 100bucks or so instead of 200. plus the remote play in different room, i dont know how many times i get kicked off the couch. I cannot wait to get this.

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This looks incredible. Possibilities are endless. But is this even coming to the US? Does anyone know?

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Just saw "A day in the life of PS4" Video. The remote play is fantastic! She was playing her game of Knack from school.

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@RicanV Yeah, I thought that remote play would only work at home on the same wifi that your PS4 is in. Unless this is a Japanese only feature since they have crazy internet speeds there.

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@jocaju @RicanV Crazy internet speeds in Japan is a common misconception. It's really no different then the rest of the world if not worse. Remote play is also accessible anywhere you have a internet connection. It's been that way since PSP and PS3 remote play, though a better connection does help.

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This thing is a dynamite idea, only 100$, god i just want to pre order it already

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my guess is that we're gonna see less and less touch control games, as developers wont want to allienate a part of the user base.

this sux

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this might be the evolution of split-screen multiplayer on the PS4.I have some friends that hate to share a tv, streaming the second screen to the ps vita tv would be an elegant solution for FPS and racing games

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@LeoKRock doubt i'll be using it like that, who would want to play on the Vita screen instead of half of a 40inch TV

Avatar image for LeoKRock

@Dresden05 @LeoKRock I meant playing in the next room using the Vita TV. maybe on a full 40 inch TV

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Stop everything!!! Just take my freakin' money!!!!

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Now I can let my brother play ps4 without having to keep moving it from room to room. I think this is genius, if marketed properly it has the potential to appeal to all types of gamers.

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So its now basically a PS3 with worse graphics? They all ready made one of these. Its called a PS2.

Avatar image for Demonkillua

@Lazerith91 Actually the graphics can surpass the PS2 if in comparison. If you were to compare it to a PS2 and a PS3 it would be like a PS2.7

Avatar image for HowlPendragon

@Lazerith91 Because those clearly play the same games.

Nice try

Avatar image for Catz_03

Cool. Cool, Cool, Cool.

Avatar image for Veraxious

I'm getting this for the sole reason to play through Metal Gear Acid again.

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I want it.

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**** Sony.

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This is a great idea. Would def buy one for remote play in the bedroom.

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I think it's a great little device. I can have my PS3/PS4 set up in the living room and set this little thing up in my bedroom for days I just want to lay in bed playing a game. And for only about $100, I'm definitely excited for it.

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My eyes roll back: TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV Go Home *dies*

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why not just allow the PS3 / PS4 to be able to play digital Vita games on your tv? Why the need for a seperate device?

Avatar image for Bellum_Sacrum

@moesuir Because emulation of hardware is not a matter of "allowing". Why do clueless people even post?

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@Bellum_Sacrum @moesuir Yes, I agree with you completly. Sony could have included emulation hardware inside the PS4. But they want to suck more money out of you by making you buy additional devices. Taking advantage of clueless, gullible sony sheep people :)

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@moesuir @Bellum_Sacrum emulation hardware would only make the console more expensive. Sure, it would be able to play Vita games as well, but what's the point if it makes the PS4 cost like $500 instead of $400? Also it's actually more convenient for this to be included separately due to the size it will be easier to transport then the system entirely and it may be possible for Gaikai to emulate Vita games on PS4, no word on that yet. Lastly, you don't have to even buy it so it's not like people don't have a choice as to getting it.

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Definitely picking this up to compliment my Vita and PS4.

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so, a portable console system without being, you Know portable, way to go sony!

Avatar image for StephenSays


Its giving you the ability to play games without a portable system.

I see what your saying though a simple video out on the vita hand held would have solved this problem.

Your right Ill have to deduct 2 points from sony.

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@StephenSays @CarlosGabriel exept the vita is 300 and for ppl who want that experience for 100 they will buy it ppl like me go home carlos uredrunk

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@CarlosGabriel so, a comment that makes no sense. way to go Carlos!